Kay Adams Albums

  • Make Mine Country Album (1/1/1967)
    Six Days A Waiting
    Old Heart Get Ready
    Don't Talk Trouble To Me
    Roll Out The Red Carpet
    I Cried At Your Wedding
    Honky Tonk Heartache
    She Didn't Color Daddy

  • Wheels And Tears Album (1/1/1966)
    Little Pink Mack
    Six Days A Waiting
    Reason We're Together
    Walk The Floor
    Big Mack
    That'll Be The Day
    Second Fiddle
    Big Big Day Tomorrow
    Worst Is Yet To Come

  • A Devil Like Me Needs An Angel Like You Album (1/1/1966)
    Devil Like Me (needs An Angel Like You)
    Terrible Tangled Web
    Old Standby
    Forever And Ever
    Heart Talk
    No Fool Like An Old Fool
    I Can't Stop My Loving You
    Congratulations (you're Absolutely Right)
    You You Only You

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