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Kay Adams Biography

Last updated: 05/05/2014 08:14:59 PM

Kay Adams, Country Music singer, musician and recording artist, was born Princetta Kay Adams April 9, 1941 at Knox City, Texas. She was the fourth of five children born to Charley Alva Adams and Ola May Henson. When Kay was ten, her family moved to Vernon, Texas, where she was raised.

In the 1960s, Kay Adams came on the Country scene with such songs as "Six Days A Waiting," "Old Heart Get Ready," "Anymore," "Don't Talk Trouble To Me," "Trapped," "Roll Out The Red Carpet," "I Cried At Your Wedding," "Honky Tonk Heartache," and "She Didn't Color Daddy."

Kay appeared as a regular on such Bakersfield, California, based Country Music television programs as the Buck Owens Show and the Dave Stogner Show.

At the 1st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in 1965 in Nashville, Tennessee, Kay Adams won for Most Promising Female Vocalist. Other nominees in the same category were Betty Foster, Faye Hardin, Jeanne Black, Joanie O'Neal, Myrna Miller and Pamela Miller.

Before 1966, women did not record songs about truck driving. But Kay Adams had a hit that year with "Little Pink Mack," a song giving the point of view of a woman driver. It is the only song on the album by a woman. Her truck is a female's color, decked out with chrome and polka-dot curtains hangin' in the sleeper, but it is the fastest big-wheeler on the road. In her truck drivin' boots she stands about five-foot three, but she can take care of herself. "I'm a gear swappin' mama, and I don't know the meaning of fear," she sings. And "All the truckers are asked, 'Who's the gal in the little pink Mack?'"

Her 1966 album "A Devil Like Me Needs An Angel Like You," was a duo with singer Jack Clement. And in the late '60s she sang on a soundtrack-album of a western movie, "Killers Three," which also featured Jack Clement, Merle Haggard and Bonnie Owens.

Kay Adams was first married to George Willard. They had two sons before divorcing. She and her second husband were also divorced. She was married for a third time to a man named Buck.

Her albums include: "A Devil Like Me Needs An Angel Like You," "Make Mine Country," and "Wheels And Tears."

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