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Full Name: Anthony Kavanagh

Date Of Birth: 4th November 1977

Height: 5'9"

Colour Of Hair: Dark Brown

Colour Of Eyes: Green

Education: Cardinal Langley High School,

Jobs: McDonald's for 1 week,
Tea Boy at Nigel Martin Smiths Recording Studio

City Of Residence: Manchester, UK

Mother: Rita, Clairvoyant, 50's, Manchester

Father: Andy, Builder, 50's,

Sister: Angela, 35, Hairdresser

Pets: Cat Called Mickey

Who Was Your Teenage Idol: Indiana Jones & Prince

Favourite Food: Indian

Favourite Drink: Water

Nickname: Kav

Things That You Collect: CDs

Favourite Book: George Michael - Bare

Favourite Movie: Indiana Jones and The Temple Of

Which Living Person Would You Like To Meet: Madonna

Which Three Things/Persons Would You Like To Take Along To A Desert Island:
Keyboard, Dictaphone, Pamela Andersen

How Would You Describe Yourself To A tranger? Cheeky, Charming!

Have You Been Influenced By Anybody In Your Work? Stevie Wonder

Do You Get Stage-Fright Before You Go On Stage?
At First I Did, But Not Anymore

Which Event Has Affected You Deeply In The Last Five Years?
Being Signed To My Manager, Nigel (Now Ex-Manager, he is no longer represented by Nigel)

Is There A Dream You Would Like To Be Fulfilled?
To Be No. 1 In Every Country In The World

Which Quality Do You Value Most In Other People? Honesty

What's Your Biggest Fault?
I Never Know When To Stop Talking!

Your Hobby?
Chilling With My Friends

Some Kav Facts:

When Kavana was 16, he Stole £50 From His Mum -
"I spent most of it on stupid things like rulers"

If He Had SuperNatural Powers:
"I'd Be Called SuperKav and I'd be able to Hypnotise people on the spot. They's have to do Exactly what I wanted!

When he was 13 he:
"Had a really bad crush on a girl. I bought her a card saying 'You Give Me the Horn!' I Though I was being clever because 'Horn' was her surname, but her mum saw it and complained to the head mistress!"

Kav Has Said:
"i'm not a puppet - I just make music that i love"

Kav On His Ex - Manager:
"He'd only really managed Take That and I don't
think he really understood that it was a musical thingy with me, rahter than just a cheeky-chappy-next-door thing"

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ur still good in many ways,,, | Reviewer: deepa | 12/16/09

love the biography i've been his fan since i was 15 not i'm 27 and his song does makes me feel happy... i jus enjoy being happy coz of him
its great to know ur back ur still so cute... more maturely breath taking...

I love Kav | Reviewer: phoebe nicole | 11/28/07

I really like Kavana!! his song "will you wait for me" reflects to his charming personality!! I always play "will you wait for me" in my phone a twenty times before I go to sleep!! I love this pop ballad song!! I wish to see Kav..

kavana is grabeh | Reviewer: juvy legaspi | 9/24/07

when i first heard the song...will you wait for me,i like it and i used to that song as a background music of my friendster and i really played that song many many many times in youtube!
i like that song and it really made my heart beat so fast

hay im a kavana 2!!!!!! | Reviewer: awhina | 4/3/07

yo im a kavana 2 and well if you are a kavana then you know who mary kavana is and then if you know her and you are her cousin well then you r my uncle?.....

The GR8 Indian Fan | Reviewer: Bikram | 4/5/06

Initially i don't know who was Kavana...I heard his song "Will You Wait For Me" & i was almost stunned after hearing the song. I was wondering why i have not heard his name before. I saw his pictures from the net.Then I came to know more about him only after reading the articles from ur site.Thanks A lot for the information

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