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Yes, she’s a teenager.  True, she’s a singer-songwriter
with anthems of rebellion to spare.  Still, never, ever
compare Katy Rose to fellow female singer songwriters.  “I
want to be my own person. I hope people take what I do as
my own, and don’t label me."

One label that does stick to her, however, might be
provocative."  Indeed, Rose, on her debut album, "Because I
Can", takes listeners on a cathartic emotional journey
right up to the edge that has more to do with the likes of
early Liz Phair or PJ Harvey than her adolescent peers More...

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Reviews about Katy Rose songs

Love love love this song ! | Reviewer: Shona
    ------ About the song Lemon performed by Katy Rose

This is my favourite song ever I love it :)
I used "And i'll go where secrets are sold
Where roses unfold
I'll sleep as time goes by " as my yearbook quote because the song and the movie Thirteen are really special to me.
I love Thirteen so much I've watched it so many times and I love Katys songs too ! If anyone wants to talk I love meeting other fans ! My email is shoniebaby@msn.com.

Overdrive | Reviewer: kathleen
    ------ About the song Overdrive performed by Katy Rose

love this song....its featured in mean girls when they are in Regina's(Rachel McAdams)room, just before the bun book is introduced....

Lemon - the song from "Thirteen" | Reviewer: Scott
    ------ About the song Lemon performed by Katy Rose

I bought the movie "Thirteen" about four days ago and have watched it over and over since then. The song "Lemon" is my favourite out of all of the songs featured in the movie. I think it has a real deep meaning to it and is really about finding yourself. Rating is 10/10!

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