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Katie Quick Biography

Last updated: 10/16/2012 03:19:54 PM

Katie Quick’s debut album was hailed “a masterpiece…intriguing, captivating, and compelling,” by Maverick Magazine, one of the world’s leading country music publications. The Nashville artist has garnered even bigger and better reviews with the release of her latest self-produced album, Valley Between Love. In fact, expects her to have “a meteoric rise on the country charts…similar to that of Lady Antebellum,” and says, “she has the vocal chops to take on the divas of country music.” Maverick Magazine gave Katie another glowing review for this release calling it “absolutely inspirational work…a joy from start to finish!” So is Katie Quick truly the “next big thing?” WYCD 99.5 thinks so, along with thousands of fans worldwide. With all the buzz about this Chicago native, it’s no wonder she has been moving up at the speed of light in the country music scene. The most fascinating aspect of her career is that she has achieved all of this success on her own. Without the help of a manager, booking agent, or public relations firm, this former Chicago Public School teacher has toured internationally, appeared on hundreds of television shows and radio stations worldwide (including ABC, NBC, GAC, CMT, and more), and singlehandedly launched her own groundbreaking arts and education program called Fingertips. This unique motivational concert experience has allowed Katie to get back to the classroom setting all while using her music to encourage students to follow their dreams. There is no doubt she will one day be known as the poster girl for self-made success. When you combine her belief in the power of a dream, her drive, and her exceptional musical talent, it will only be a matter of time before Katie Quick becomes a household name.