Katie Melua Albums

  • Ketevan Album (9/16/2013)
    Never Felt Less Like Dancing
    Sailing Ships From Heaven
    Love Is A Silent Thief
    Shiver And Shake
    The Love I'm Frightened Of
    Where Does The Ocean Go?
    Idiot School
    Mad, Mad Men
    Chase Me
    I Never Fall
    I Will Be There

  • Secret Symphony Album (3/5/2012)
    Gold In Them Hills
    Better Than A Dream
    The Bit That I Don't Get
    Forgetting All My Troubles
    All Over The World
    Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
    The Cry Of The Lone Wolf
    The Walls Of The World
    Secret Symphony

  • The House Album (5/24/2010)
    I'd Love To Kill You
    The Flood
    A Happy Place
    A Moment Of Madness
    Red Balloons
    Tiny Alien
    No Fear Of Heights
    The One I Love Is Gone
    Plague Of Love
    God On Drums, Devil On The Bass
    The House

  • Pictures Album (10/1/2007)
    Mary Pickford (Used To Eat Roses)
    All In My Head
    If The Lights Go Out
    What I Miss About You
    What It Says On The Tin
    Scary Films
    Perfect Circle
    Ghost Town
    If You Were A Sailboat
    Dirty Dice
    In My Secret Life

  • Piece By Piece Album (9/27/2005)
  • Call Off The Search Album (11/3/2003)

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