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Kathy Mar worked as a professional folksinger and
streetsinger in Denver for many years before she discovered
filk and filkers discovered her. Her first recordings were
for Off-Centaur Productions (Songbird, On a Bright Wind,
Bamboo Wind) and she went on to do two albums with Thor
Records (Plus Ca Change, Plus C'est Les Meme Chose) which
have recently been re-released as a CD double. She also did
an album for Dandelion Digital (Made by Magic) with British
songwriter Zander Nyrond which was one of the first filk
CDs ever produced. Her More...

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Review about Kathy Mar songs
One of the most beautiful songs ever written | Reviewer: Margret
    ------ About the song Ship of Stone performed by Kathy Mar

I love "Ship of Stone." It's a love song to this planet, and I only hope that, should we ever be able to leave for the stars, we'll also be able to remember our home world as "Clear domed, broad hulled, and clean." Let us strive to make it so.

Source for melody line | Reviewer: Heather Stern a.k.a Starshine
    ------ About the song I Am Lord performed by Kathy Mar

The tune by Leslie Fish is actually the tune published in the Elfquest filk tape for the song "Two Edge".

There is extra irony in that abused troll-elf child Two Edge is showing off the heritage of both his parents, in his song, so it has the heartbeat that drives this one.

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