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Kathryn Williams, of course, doesn't need to justify
herself or her songs. They do a good enough job of that all
on their own. And if that isn't enough there are plenty of
other people willing to do it for her. It was last year's
inclusion of her second album 'Little Black Numbers' as a
Mercury Music Prize nomination we have to thank for
bringing her from self-financed relative obscurity to a
more respected arena, where she unquestionably belongs. For
once the awards did what they were supposed to, as opposed
to just providing a More...

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Low key beauty | Reviewer: James Hurley
    ------ About the song Tradition performed by Kathryn Williams

The words 'understated' and 'beauty' are perhaps overused when it comes to this kind of alternative folk music, but these most hackneyed of phrases definitely apply here. This song is classy, subtle and stunning, and poetic both in its lyric and the quality of the music itself. It feels almost filmic, and I'll be surprised if it doesn;t eventually turn up on an independent film soundtrack at some point! Anyway, a brilliant song!

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