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She has been recognized as one of the premier pop
singer/songwriters in music today. And, after showcasing
for several labels, Kate Voegele has taken the next step in
her young career, signing with Myspace Records in October

Immediately after inking the deal with Myspace, the
talented Cleveland native stepped into the studio to record
her debut album with renowned producer Marshall Altman
(Matt Nathanson, Marc Broussard). The 12 track album
combines the acoustic soulfulness of Kate’s influences like
Patty Griffin and Joni More...

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Reviews about Kate Voegele songs

Thank You | Reviewer: jackie
    ------ About the song Wish You Were Here performed by Kate Voegele

i love your song wish you were here, i am inlove with all your songs but this one was the first one i heard, your voice is beyond amazing, i too heard of you on one tree hill, i also have your c.d's. you are so great. keep the music coming

Savior | Reviewer: Crystal
    ------ About the song It's Only Life performed by Kate Voegele

This song has really been my anthem for the about the past week. I got my hope really high over something said by a friend, only to hear them come smashing to bits in a single phone call. Whenever I feel like I can't take it anymore, I just listen to this song and remember that things in life make it what it is, LIFE. Don't let little things get you down because it isn't worth it...

Best Pop song I've heard in a long time | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song No Good performed by Kate Voegele

I had to review this song because I think that Kate Voegele is an amazing artist. Her lyrics and voice are terrrific. This song is so much fun to listen to, and even though I don't like to admit it, it is hard to listen and not want to sing a long!

.love itt. | Reviewer: ashley
    ------ About the song Kindly Unspoken performed by Kate Voegele

im so glad that i heard this song...i was at home and it came on One Tree Hill. it spoke to me because i'm going through a very hard time with my boyfriend...well ex...and i'm waiting to see if he still wants to be in a relationship with me. We've been through a very rough patch the past few weeks and in them i've broken his trust while he's broken mine too...and everytime i try to talk to him to try to work it all out...he keeps saying that he needs more time...and it's killing me. the things that he has said to me are hipocritical and rude, while im sitting over here waiting...but this song has opened my eyes. i don't have to sit here and wait...i can be goin out and doing stuff...i have a lot to do. thanks kate voegele!

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