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Of all the stars in Folk Music’s wondrous firmament few
shine as brightly as Yorkshire’s Kate Rusby.

A remarkable interpretive singer, Kate’s soulful vocals
resonate with the wistful beauty of an earthbound angel.
Inhabiting a lyric with unforced conviction – no matter how
old or how modern – she has that rare ability to transport
her audience, of touching them emotionally and making each
tune live vividly within their experience and imagination.
It’s a precious gift attained not by resource to decibel
blasting or histrionics but through simplicity,
understatement and faith in the More...

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corrections | Reviewer: Daughter of Megan
    ------ About the song Andrew Lammie performed by Kate Rusby

instead of 'I ain't looking back' it's 'I'll be gone 'ere you come back'
and not 'I love to cake my body' but 'and love decayed my body'
not 'And he took his asha off me' but 'took possession of me'
there are mistakes too, but those leapt out at me, thanks xxx

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