Kate Rusby Albums

  • 10 Album
    The Recruited Collier
    I Wish
    Over You Now
    The Sleepless Sailor
    The Fairest of All Yarrow
    I Wonder What is Keeping My True Love
    Sweet Bride
    The Maid of LLanwellyn
    The Wild Goose
    Sir Eglamore
    Night Visiting Song
    Botany Bay
    Drowned Lovers
    Bold Riley

  • The Girl Who Couldn't Fly Album
    Game of All Fours
    The Lark
    No Names
    Mary Blaize
    A Ballad
    You Belong to Me
    Elfin Knight
    Bonny House of Airlie
    Moon Shadow
    Wandering Soul
    Fare Thee Well
    Little Jack Frost

  • Underneath the Stars Album
    The Good Man
    The Daughter of Megan
    Let Me Be
    The Blind Harper
    The White Cockade
    Young James
    Bring Me a Boat
    Sweet William's Ghost
    Underneath the Stars

  • While Mortals Sleep Album (11/14/2011)
    Kris Kringle
    Little Town of Bethlehem
    Joy to the World
    Holmfirth Anthem
    Seven Good Joys
    Rocking Carol
    Shepards Arise
    First Tree in the Greenwood
    The Wren

  • Make the Light Album (11/22/2010)
  • Sweet Bells Album (12/15/2008)
  • Awkward Annie Album (9/3/2007)
  • Little Lights Album (6/4/2001)
  • Sleepless Album (5/10/1999)
  • Hourglass Album (3/1/1997)

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