Kate Bush Lyrics

Born 30th July, 1958 in Bexleyheath Kent.

Began violin lessons at the age of 9 but interest in the
piano soon took ever.

David Gilmour of Pink Floyd introduces Kate to EMI who sign
her while she is still at school.

Studies mime and dance with Lindsey Kemp amongst others.

Releases first single "Wuthering Heights" in January, 1978
wich becomes a No. 1 hit.

Debut album "The Kick Inside" released in February 1978, is
a Top 3 success that goes on to sell over one million
copies in the U.K.

The album "Lionheart" is released More...

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Review about Kate Bush songs
Unique, inimitable and unforgettable. | Reviewer: Aires d'Almeida
    ------ About the song Wuthering Heights performed by Kate Bush

Yes, last night I felt a bit nostalgic. Miss Bush came unexpectedly and made me feel blue after all these years. I have never been the kind of guy to fall in head over heels for any feminine icon not even in my salad days. She was probably the only famous woman who have made me sigh. I remember that there were days when I felt desperately in love with her.

wow | Reviewer: tobythetomcat
    ------ About the song Moving performed by Kate Bush

this is absolutley brilliant i`d never heard it before & now i can`t stop playing it & she looks so incredible & only 19 at the time wow wow & wow again.

meaning of the song | Reviewer: Nies
    ------ About the song Running up that hill performed by Kate Bush

I think this song is about how she's in love with someone who doesn't love her back and how she wishes she could reverse that situation.. that he would love her and that she was the one who was free and happy like he is now. ''Running up that hill'' the hill represents life, and she wishes she had no problem with living, as if it would come easy to her like it does to him. + she thinks it's unfair -> tell me we both matter don't we? So why is she the one that has to be unhappy? Let me steal this moment from you now, let's exchange the experience... The words are filled with desperation. It's actually really very sad =/... (And typical -.-)

Best Xmas song EVER!!! | Reviewer: Dave Clo
    ------ About the song December Will Be Magic Again performed by Kate Bush

This song is sooo underplayed but, y'know what? I'm glad. I don't have to get hacked off with hearing it every year on the radio and in the shops. Pogues, Slade and John & Yoko - all ruined by incessant plays.

great | Reviewer: paul
    ------ About the song Them Heavy People performed by Kate Bush

I never heard of her before - but She is so great! like Rolling the ball - so unique & special! She has such a special quality/personanality... It was great that my friend turned me on to her. I'm a music lover & songwriter for a long time so I'm amazed I've never come accross her - guess it's that music industry control thing..

not that sad... | Reviewer: Anne
    ------ About the song Babooshka performed by Kate Bush

When he see her how can he not reconize the women he lives whith...
And that reminds him how much he loves her. and after all he is falling for her again. I think it's a really beautiful song

Party song & dance | Reviewer: Ericwagnerslucid
    ------ About the song Wuthering Heights performed by Kate Bush

I was @ a costume party, sitting on the porch, no costume. I &
a friend walked down from the porch to sit in the car and smoke. A car pulled up next to us and Kate Bush was playing. After a few minutes of watching the city lights, people began leaving the party, walking to the car parked next to us. They opened the car & started playing Wutering Heights loudly. In their flowing costumes they danced on and around the cars. The most beautiful of them, in flowing white garb, like a Goddes, a young lady danced aroundy my car. I realized @ that moment that the song that was playing was Wuthering Heights--hadn't heard it in many many years--I said out loud "Wuthering Heights". Then the Goddess dancing around my car reached into the car window as the chorus played ... She touched my hands across the passenger seat, past and over my friend to me, looking @ me playing Cathy. I said: you are so beautiful she then repeated my words back to me ... The song went on the Godess retreated but I couldn't hold back the tears. Wow!

Kate again maybe | Reviewer: Rodger
    ------ About the song The Dreaming performed by Kate Bush

This is my second time around with Kate bush.
There is just something about her art that even causes an almost fifty year over weight truck driver crudely inmate and improvise moves to the music.But living in and understanding Australia, the Dreaming has a hugely powerful lyric set and a real message can be gleamed from listening to Kate's play on a catchy and fun little beat.

Interesting, Powerful, Forgiving. | Reviewer: Pixie
    ------ About the song Be Kind To My Mistakes performed by Kate Bush

Interesting, powerful...forgiving? Is that what Kate Bush means when she tells this song's listener to be kind to her mistakes?
After all, in life, so much is created from anger.
By forgiving, I believe that we can nurture and improve a person in so many interesting ways.

Survival | Reviewer: Ginny
    ------ About the song Running up that hill performed by Kate Bush

Absolutely beautiful song and very meaningful words. I always thought this song was to do with her struggles with breast cancer and her survival. Can someone tell me if this is so. Thanx

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