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Kate Bush 50 Words for Snow Album

Last updated: 04/27/2012 12:00:00 PM

Release Date: 11/21/2011
Tracks in 50 Words for Snow: Snowflake, Lake Tahoe, Misty, Wild Man, Snowed in at Wheeler Street, 50 Words for Snow, Among Angels

50 Words for Snow Album Tracklist

Length : 65:29
Released : 21 November 2011
Producer : Kate Bush
Genre : Art rock, piano rock
Label : Fish People/EMI

50 Words for Snow is the tenth studio album by English singer-songwriter Kate Bush. It is the second album to be released on her own label, Fish People. It is her first all-new studio album since Aerial from 2005, and marks the first time since 1978 that she has released two new albums in one year. From Wikipedia