Kate Alexa Albums

  • Infatuation Album (8/17/2012)
    Crazy Little Thing
    Not Enough
    I Deny
    X Rated
    I Don't Think So
    Something You Say
    We're Not Ready
    Fucked Up Me
    I'm Falling

  • H2O: Just Add Water Album (9/8/2007)
    Ordinary Girl
    Where We Belong
    Waiting Here
    Somebody Out There
    You're Everything
    I Let Go
    Another Now
    Help Me Find a Way
    Nobody Knows
    Won't Walk Away
    We Are Together
    Feel It Too
    Way to the Top
    Falling Out

  • Broken & Beautiful Album (9/25/2006)
    Somebody Out There
    All I Hear
    I Let Go
    We All Fall Down
    Naked Heart
    My Day Will Come
    Glass Slipper
    Under the Influence of You
    Better than You
    In Your Eyes
    Broken & Beautiful
    Not Another Love Song
    Always There
    I Tried It Anyway

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