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Katatonia formed in 1991, brought together by long time
friends, Anders Nyström (aka Blackheim-guitars) and Jonas
Renske, (aka Lord Seth-drums, vocals). The first real
fruits of their labour came to light in 1992, with the
release of the demo: Jhva Elohim Meth, recorded at Sweden’s
Gorysound Studio and produced by Dan Swanö. The demo sold
out immediately, bringing Katatonia to the attention of
Dutch label, Vic Records, who went on to release the demo
as a mini CD, re-titled Jhva Elohim Meth – The Revival.
With the CD selling out More...

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Review about Katatonia songs
A minor analizes | Reviewer: Jim
    ------ About the song In The White performed by Katatonia

Are you in or are you out
- Stryggle between a couple. One of them are insecure about wanting to move one

Words are stones in my mouth
- he finds it hard to believe in, the outcome of this reationship ended badly.

Hush little baby
Don't you cry
Truth comes down
Strikes me in the eye
- One of the involved is feeling bad for letting him go. She annouces the breakup! This is the downfall for him.

Turning seasons within
Brand new nails across my skin
Who am I to imply?
- He tries to move one, but darkness follows him, and he still gets hurt.

That I was found and I found you in the white
- Somewhere down the linje, he saw little glimps of survial. // Or his lost partner was found dead.

To overcome this I become one with Quiet colder late november
- He feels alone, and he have a desire to be alone. Isolation!

If you dont see I remain unseen
Till it's time to be rememebered
- He feels, -Come to me and Ill show you who I am, but If not, I'll stay out of your way. Unntil there's time to be remembered!

So I had a green light
I was lost in city lights
Not so far from a try
This is not our last good bye
- I think we's driving around, to figure out what to do! And somewhere down the line, he planned to end his life

Don't you cry... - Cause It's nothing to do about It. Depression to overhand in his life

So i found you
found the way all through
the quiet cold of inner darkness
- he's found what he's been looking
- Still at the bottom in his heart,
the quiet cold of inner darkness - Back to old habbits. isolation. Need some time alone, to get devouered within is mind.

now that you're here
it becomes so clear
i have waited for you always
- This verse or outro if you may, is in my opinion all about accepting to die. He's been waiting for It always. Depression consumed him, and he didn't feel like there was anything else to live for!

Another Silly Love Song | Reviewer: Rewa
    ------ About the song In The White performed by Katatonia

You are all way overthinking this. You don't give Jonas enough credit. It's just a great love song, with all the classic darkness Katatonia bring to the table. It's about a mixed up dude who is having trouble mustering enough courage to try to get the girl and commit to her. Here we go, line by line:

"Are you in Or are you out?" either a question to himself or her, referring the question of being together.
"Words are stones In my mouth" It's very hard for him to speak to her, the words are heavy and cumbersome like stones.
"Hush little baby Don't you cry Truth comes down Strikes me in the eye" He comforts her and admits that the truth has blinded him.
"Turning seasons within Brand new nails across my skin" his life is changing like the seasons, it's a new relationship.
"Who am I to imply? That I was found and I found you in the white" He knows he has to admit that he lucked out that she found him, and that she cares.
"To overcome this I become one with Quiet cold of late November" He has to become cold to face the idea of being rejected, and to put himself out there.
"If you dont see I remain unseen Till it's time to be rememebered" She the only one that cares about him, so if she doesn't notice him, he will go unnoticed.
"So I had a green light. I was lost in city lights. Not so far from a try. This is not our last good bye." He knows he had the opportunity to let her in, he almost went for it, and he promises he'll be back to try again.
"Don't you cry...So i found you, found the way all through the quiet cold of inner darkness. Now that you're here, it becomes so clear. I have waited for you always" Very self-explanatory.

NOT.ABOUT.JESUS. | Reviewer: ChooseSuicide
    ------ About the song In The White performed by Katatonia

Are you guys a bunch of tards or what? Guys in Katatonia dont believe in Jesus. Are you aware of the concept of atheism? Or is it all a mental struggle within you that demands you to correlate everything with the spiritual metaphors of deity and faith?
The sing in my opinion offers a great point of view someones thats depressed and kinda have lost the ability to coexist with others. Its the white darkness that hazes his reality and he must surpass this failure to become functional again.

suicide | Reviewer: KNown
    ------ About the song Sweet Nurse performed by Katatonia

My buddy spray painted the chorus in large lettering on the wall of the third floor of the abandoned building in which he killed himself. upon discovering this, i memorized the words and nine years later am still trying to figure out what the message might be.

    ------ About the song In The White performed by Katatonia

it talks about my struggles in life and how i overcame them and ow those wont be the last struggles but now that i have my man, he takes me out of the dark and brings me to life and makes all my fears and struggles disapear thats what the song tells me great song, i know it might be about jesus but everyone has their own visions within music!

Amazing song | Reviewer: Christian guy
    ------ About the song In The White performed by Katatonia

This song is talking about Jesus and how he was born virgin, and the kind of trouble Mary had to face from the Evil Jews residing there.. I bet Jesus felt self-loath to his own pathetic race hence this song is reflecting on that! :)

Deep Meaning | Reviewer: Hyperioness
    ------ About the song My Twin performed by Katatonia

I first noticed this band when someone uploaded their song in youtube. And ever since I've been stuck with the song. The lyric is deep, the music's good, kind of music I'm listening to when I'm feeling blue. I think the lyric can also be implemented to any bond, not only to love/couple relationship. Too bad I didn't know them earlier...they released this single on 2006. :( but still grateful to know them :)

    ------ About the song My Twin performed by Katatonia

Until just a couple weeks ago this was just a beautifully sad song by one of my favorite bands. Even without feeling such loss, I felt the hopeless emotion that Katatonia conveyed here. That was until I really experienced the hurt that inspired this track, when the love of my life moved on to another. I was afraid to listen to the song because I knew that if it made me feel something before I experienced such devastation, it could absolutely destroy me now that I can truly relate to the subject. But in some strange way it felt right, the sadness and despair. It covered me as I listened to the track, but it also gave me hope that I am not alone in this experience. Thank you Katatonia, for being the voice of pure anguish.

my twin | Reviewer: aries
    ------ About the song My Twin performed by Katatonia

this song is truly amazing...i listen to my dying bride alot an these guys were suggested... so i listened to them an i was blown away... amazing music juss amazing... anyhow this song i can relate to in away because i felt the same way..i kudnt belive the person i loved was happier with someone/somthing else

Peaceful, yet dreary. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Day performed by Katatonia

This song really does remind me of the monotony and dreariness that comes with everyday life, especially when you're in a rut.

I disagree with vermillion. This song doesn't remind me of anything particularly good. Look at the adjectives used; pale, grey, a lot of very bland, heavy colors. Grey is an odd color, in that it symbolizes not only a blending, but it also reminds me of a day when there's a lot of mist that just hangs on you, that holds you down, and leads to a dark, blind, but dull day.

That's how I see this song. It's about drifting. "Let's stay here for a while, is something gonna happen today" means, from my view, "Why should we do anything? Will anything happen? What's the point? We may as well shirk our responsibilities and do what we wish.", as if to say that, there's not much of a point and the rest of the song reflects it. It also points to the decaying of ... happiness, in general. "Your smile has decayed" "now it's dark and you're colder/I'm older" It's as if, as time has passed, life has become duller, has become a shade of grey, as the happiness, the liveliness, has passed, and the days grow repetitive, boring, tiring, and things simply grow... worse.

But that's my 2 cents.

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