Kataklysm Albums

  • Serenity In Fire Album (3/9/2004)
    The Ambassador Of Pain
    The Resurrected
    As I Slither
    For All Our Sins
    The Night They Returned
    Serenity In Fire
    Blood On The Swans
    Seconds From The End
    The Tragedy I Preach
    Under The Bleeding Sun

  • Shadows & Dust Album (3/22/2002)
    In Shadows & Dust
    Beyond Salvation
    Chronicles Of The Damned
    Bound In Chains
    Where The Enemy Sleeps
    Face The Face Of War
    Years Of Enlightment / Decades In Darkness

  • Epic: The Poetry Of War Album (3/22/2001)
    Il Diavolo In Me
    Dmanation Is Here
    Era Of The Mercyless
    As The Glorious Weep
    Shivers Of A New World
    Manipulator Of Souls
    What We Endure
    When Time Stands Still

  • The Prophecy (Stigmata Of The Immaculate) Album (3/22/2000)
    Breeding the Everlasting
    Laments Of Fear & Despair
    Astral Empire
    Gateway To Extinction
    The Renaissance

  • Victims Of This Fallen World Album (3/22/1998)
  • Temple Of Knowledge Album (3/22/1996)
  • Sorcery Album (3/22/1995)
  • Vision The Chaos Album (3/22/1994)
  • The Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation Album (3/22/1993)

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