Kaskade Albums

  • Atmosphere Album (9/10/2013)
    Last Chance
    Why Ask Why
    No One Knows Who We Are (Atmosphere Mix)
    Feeling the Night
    Take Your Mind Off
    Missing You
    Something Something
    How It Is
    Atmosphere (Redux Edit)

  • Fire & Ice Album (10/22/2011)
    Turn It Down
    Lessons in Love
    Lick It
    Let Me Go
    Waste Love
    How Long
    Room for Happiness

  • Dynasty Album (5/11/2010)
    Start Again
    Don't Stop Dancing
    Say It's Over
    Fire In Your New Shoes
    Human Reactor
    Only You
    Call Out
    To the Skies
    Don't Wait
    Empty Streets
    All That You Give

  • Strobelite Seduction Album (5/20/2008)
    Move for Me
    Angel On My Shoulder
    Back On You
    Step One Two
    I Remember
    Borrowed Theme
    I'll Never Dream
    One Heart
    Your Love Is Black
    4 AM
    Are You Listening

  • Love Mysterious Album (9/26/2006)
  • In the Moment Album (5/18/2004)
  • It's You, It's Me Album (3/18/2003)

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