Karyn White Albums

  • Carpe Diem Album (3/24/2012)
    Sista Sista
    Dance Floor
    This Hot
    Sooo Weak
    Interlude( Costine& Lee)
    My Heart Cries
    True Colors
    Carpe Diem (Seize The Day)
    Sista Sista (Acoustic)

  • Make Him Do Right Album (9/27/1994)
    Can I Stay With You
    Nobody But My Baby
    Here Comes the Pain Again
    I'd Rather Be Alone
    Make Him Do Right
    Simple Pleasures
    I'm Your Woman
    Thinkin' 'Bout Love
    Do Unto Me

  • Ritual Of Love Album (9/10/1991)
    Ritual of Love
    The Way I Feel About You
    Hooked on You
    Walkin' the Dog
    Love That's Mine
    How I Want You
    One Heart
    Tears of Joy
    Beside You
    Do Unto Me
    Hard to Say Goodbye

  • Karyn White Album (9/6/1988)
    The Way You Love Me
    Secret Rendezvous
    Slow Down
    Family Man
    Love Saw It
    Don't Mess With Me
    Tell Me Tomorrow
    One Wish

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