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The release of Karnivool's full-length album 'THEMATA'
marks one of the most highly anticipated releases for an
independent band.  The album itself has been more than 3
years in the making and it's got plenty to show for it.
 Capturing a perfect blend of both melodic beauty and
spine-bending rock, this album will appeal to anyone who
desires a truly unique sound. For a band that has done it
all themselves, this album represents the apex of their
efforts and endeavours over the last 3 year More...

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Review about Karnivool songs
Multinterpetaderp | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Fear Of The Sky performed by Karnivool

Great how the music enhances the story in a way that push the envelope. The lyrics are sung with passion and are cryptic yet use relateableb patterns, which makes them multi-interpetational and provides a highly personal experience that resonates in my life...

Well, if you'll excuse me, I'll go work some more on my interpetation.

<3 | Reviewer: KarniTool
    ------ About the song Sewn And Silent performed by Karnivool

This song is just amazing, the way he sings it and hits those semi notes with those vocals... awesome... love how it reaches to a climax, then goes back to the same sad deep emotional riff. F***ing awesome <3

Worth transcribing! | Reviewer: Mike Post
    ------ About the song Themata performed by Karnivool

In response to Need drum tab | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/11.

Karnivool's music is definitely worth the trouble of transcribing. It really helps you understand some of the rhythmic concepts Steve Judd (and the rest of the band, ofcourse) uses. Themata, Cote, Shutterspeed, Fear of the Sky, all great tracks to play along to.


hello Judus | Reviewer: kristina
    ------ About the song Change (Part 2) performed by Karnivool

Hmm, my take on it is, "Hello Judus", still hanging around here. How many years has it been now? Have you no Where else to go, or is it that you still love me so much (really love masking hate) that your hoping im still in love with Judus/Daniel?

Meaning of Lyrics | Reviewer: AustAsh
    ------ About the song Mauseum performed by Karnivool

The halocaust & hitler killing on the jews.
Pretty much he is asking will you help me when they come for me? because so many people did nothing to help them when they were persecuted.

"moses basket" = story of moses and the hebrew people, jews.

"breathe in, die slow" = gas chambers

"fade all colour from my skin
To reflect from within" = Rascism, we are all humans and all the same on the inside. bad people are bad people regardless of skin colour.

"I should have felt something
I should have done something" = standing back and doing nothing

"after I fall
Will you be there?" = will you help me even though i did nothing to help them?

vool is god | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song C.O.T.E. performed by Karnivool

Probs the most epic song on themata, such an awesome intro, awesome chorus, ridonk breakdown, this song is monstrous live, best parts r intro and outro, off beat double guitar heaven, it is advised to listen to this song on at least 3/4 volume and boosted treble

Need drum tab | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Themata performed by Karnivool

Love karnivool love themata but there's no drum tabs :P wanna play it soo bad so me n the band can all play but theres hardly any drum tabs for any karnivool songs :P and I cbf deciphering it haha amazing in all other respects tho

? | Reviewer: thisismyname
    ------ About the song Change (Part 2) performed by Karnivool

its not about something vs. something... they are not supporting any group or cult or what have you.. they say to look within and know yourself. however its not true that sound is the basis of form and shape and the great voids of space.. waveforms are the basis of the reality or holograms if you like.

I love this song!! Interesting stuff... | Reviewer: Nedir Kire
    ------ About the song Change (Part 2) performed by Karnivool

"How did you suppose?
We can lock the way to get us home
What you thought was lost, now found within
Feel this way there"

I almost feel like this is a reference to astrology, which has helped me in life, like, ALOT. This song is incredibly deep and even mysterious. It definitely makes you think. Lots of people have said, "know thyself." I also think that this is what that means also.

Brilliant artists!!!

aum | Reviewer: butterz
    ------ About the song Change (Part 2) performed by Karnivool

An aum is the everlasting sound of everything, all at once. And though it can't be explained by science, I see it as the flow pushing us forward. God is a tough subject, but an everlasting life is the way I see it once I clear the smoke and mirrors of this reality.
Also "as we float away like embers, beneath us the fire still it burns" to me is a metaphor for how we'll continue to drift/float on, while beneath us, the fires of hell are making us want to be a better person so we can get as far away from it as possible.

No matter how far we drift or don't drift on, it will still be an everlasting war we can't get away from. CHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers bruh

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