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Alicia Keys Karma Lyrics

Last updated: 01/06/2010 10:00:00 AM

Weren't you the one who said that you don't want me anymore
And how you need your space and give the keys back to your door
And how I cried and tried and tried to make you stay with me
And still you said your love was gone and that I had to leave
Now you're Talking bout a family
Now you're saying I complete your dreams
Now you're sayin I'm your everything
You're confusing me
What you saying to me, don't play wit me, don't play wit me

What goes around comes around
What goes up must come down
Now who's cryin', desirin' to come back to me
What goes around comes around
What goes up must come down
Now who's cryin, desirin', to come back

I remember when I was sittin home alone
Waitin for you til 3 o'clock in the 'morn
And when you came home you'd always have some sorry excuse
Half explaining to me like I'm just some kind of a fool
I sacrificed the things I wanted just to do things for you
But when it's time to do for me
You never come thru
Now you wanna be up under me
Now you have so much to say to me
Now you wanna make time for me
Whatcha doin to me, you're confusin me
Don't play with me don't play with me cause

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

I remember when I was sittin home alone
Waitin for you till 3 o'clock in the 'morn
Night after night knowing something goin on
Wasn't long before I be gone
Lord knows it wasn't easy believe me
Never thought you'd be the one that would deceive me
And never do what you're supposed to do
No need to approach me fool, cuz I'm over you

[Repeat Chorus]

Gotta stop trying to come back to me

[Repeat Chorus]

It's called Karma baby and it goes around

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A amazing beat with a fast pace! | Reviewer: Channie_Rose | 1/8/2008

This song is so catchy with all the instruments and stuff.... and like the lyrics give out a message...I think haha {[(jokin???I think??)} All I know is that this song ROCKX!! I remember the first time I heard this song I was trying to memorize the lyrics so quick..haha =D

criss | Reviewer: cristina | 4/20/2007

i love this song...and i like very much the lyrics....this song is the best!!

Alicia Rocks my world! | Reviewer: Pingz | 3/5/2005

This is the best song of alicia keys so far...Actually all her songs are GREAT! Keep up the gd work, alicia!

I'l eat my hat.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/2005

I've not always been Alicia's greatest fan, but this tune has changed my views totally.. shes a great singer!

Alicia does it again! | Reviewer: Chloe | 12/18/2004

I love this song. Great beat, great lryics, one of Alicia's finest songs! You have to listen to this song.

alicia is da bomb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/2004

Dis song Rox!
she is da bestest singer