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Tenacious D Karate Schnitzel (Skit) Lyrics

Last updated: 04/29/2013 04:43:39 AM

God, I'm fuckin' hungry, let me check the fridge
Dude, where's my fuckin' schnitzel?
Hey, wake up
Wake up, you asshole, wake up
What? Wh?
Wake up
You ate my fuckin' schnitzel
You ate my fuckin' schnitzel

Well it was in there
If you put it in there, then it's fair game
For anybody that wants to eat it
Well then maybe this is fair game, yow
Ow God, hey!
Yeah, that's right its a karate chop!
What are ya doin'?
Well if you didn't like that, how 'bout this?
Kikye, kikye, ow!

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