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Kansas Biography

Last updated: 10/19/2012 03:39:52 PM

Formed back in -72 but was really the result of two bands teaming up, Kansas and White Clover. This first line-up was Steve Walsh, Richard Williams, Robby Steinhardt, Phil Ehart, Dave Hope (bass) and Kerry Livgren (guitar). Kerry and Steve both played keyboards. Kansas signed a record deal with Don Kirscher in -74 after inviting him too their gig at a local bar, and letting in people for free and giving away beer to anyone. The queue was blocks long.......

Created some kind of mega hit with the title "Song For America", and toured endlessly through The States. Kansas was from the beginning just an ordinary rock band, but was quickly compared to other progressive bands in the 70's like Genesis, Yes and King Crimson. With their unique sound and style combining rock music with complex rhytms, but mainly the violin, Kansas is loved all over the world.

In -76 Leftoverture was release with the mighty hit song "Carry On Wayward Son", and with the follow up Point Of Know Return they brought another, "Dust in The Wind".

During the recordings of Vinyl Confessions, Steve Walsh left the band to form Streets, and new singer was the 20-year old John Elefante. According to Kerry the lyrics now got a true meaning as John was a christian, and those kind of topics had increased a lot, since both Kerry and Dave Hope had become christians themselves. Robby left the band after Vinyl Confessions (reason unknown). After the release of Drastic Measures, Kerry too left with Dave to form AD and the band split.

In -86 parts of the band reformed but this time with Billy Greer (bass, ex-Streets) and Steve Morse (guitar). After the release of In The Spirit of Things the band temporarly split to reform later on with the line-up of today. With one exception though, having Robby away and instead there was David Ragsdale on the violin. Just in ahead of the recordings of Always Never The Same, he came back though. The song writing of today is mainly done by Steve Walsh, and the band is really happy with what they're doing.........