Kandi Albums

  • Kandi Koated Album (12/14/2010)
    I Want You
    The More I Try
    Give It To You
    I Just Know
    Me And U
    Let's Get It
    How Could You: Feel My Pain
    Leave U
    Haven't Loved Right
    Go On Without You (Shirley Murdock Song)
    I'm Happy
    Riley's Interlude
    Leroy Jones
    Fly Above

  • Fly Above Album (10/29/2009)
    Fly Above
    Must Be Good
    I Like Him
    I Just Know
    Trade Him In

  • Hey Kandi Album (9/19/2000)
    Hey Kandi
    Cheatin On Me
    What I'm Gon' Do To You
    Don't Think I'm Not
    Pants On Fire
    Can't Come Back
    I Wanna Know
    Talkin' Bout Me
    Sucka For You
    I Won't Bite My Tongue
    Just So You Know

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