Kamelot Lyrics

• 1991 - 1995

In 1991 Kamelot was founded by guitarist Thom Youngblood
and drummer/ school mate Richard Warner but it took until
August 1995 for their debut album "Eternity" to be
released. Signing to Noise Records Germany in Spring 1994.
Fans and critics alike praised Kamelot as being one of the
most promising newcomers in Metal.

• In 1996...

...their second album "Dominion" received even more
attention, because it showed the variety of the band,
spanning all the way from European metal to classical music
and progressive.

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Review about Kamelot songs
Masterpiece | Reviewer: Taliesin
    ------ About the song Memento Mori performed by Kamelot

One of my favourite songs by Kamelot, and the most understimated in The Black Halo, imho. It's simply amazing, both music and text: it makes me feel incredibly lonely, trapped in a hurricane of different emotions, everytime I listen it. And the latin parts of Simone and Shagrath... woah! Epicness IT'S OVER NINETHOUSAND!
Greetings from Italy!

Great piece | Reviewer: Roman Nepal
    ------ About the song Anthem performed by Kamelot

My fav song by Kamelot. Pretty emotional, motivational and refreshing. The song is basically demanding the meaning of life to be understood. Catchy and melodious, this song is definitely the best slow song Kamelot has composed. KAMELOT FOREVER!!!!

Great song | Reviewer: Mustakrakish
    ------ About the song Abandoned performed by Kamelot

A dillusion of an intellectual human, who feels that his God has abandoned him. Delivered by an unreal vocal performance of Roy Khan and a melancholic piano. Just great musical craft :)

comment | Reviewer: robert bishop
    ------ About the song March Of Mephisto performed by Kamelot

I believe that shagreth does this out of respect for a fellow musician. i have to say that although i am concerned about a message a song may bring . I am more interested in why a song writer takes a particular stance. that's when i think u get a clearer understanding of what drives the person and/or group .

Shockd teenager | Reviewer: Deone'
    ------ About the song Love You to Death performed by Kamelot

I was so shocked wen i had onli heard abt dis song by one of my classmates. This song has real meaning to it one cud neva truelly imagine how long u cud love sum1 im speaking from experience i had sum1 an for me i cudnt evn imagine lyf without tht person it just shows tht luv does exist an its wt u make out of it i believe inluv cus ive met my true soulmate an i thank god for that. Xox this is a awsum song it reali got to me thnx fr writting it

Superb | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love You to Death performed by Kamelot

First of all i would love to say that i'm really deep into this song "Love it" For the first time when i was using whatsaap was so boredom and than i asked my Bf to send me a song of his favorite one, and than he send me this song and was listening to this song and i find something that it was so deep in my heart and well now i came to know how much my boy loved mee , i find him so true and all a ton of big thanks to this song that bringing us together forever.... <3

Kamelot<3 | Reviewer: Cliché
    ------ About the song Mourning Star performed by Kamelot

This song is just so lovely, it almost makes me cry when i listen to it.. Its so awesome and the lyrics are the best. I can't do anything but listen to this all the time.
I love Kamelot, I love this song, I love Roy Khan.<3

Astaze! | Reviewer: Nancytsejam
    ------ About the song Rule The World performed by Kamelot

This describes my feeling at many moments .. "I feel that I could rule the world"
kamelot's music is an awesome inspiration for me
this is one of the best songs I have ever heard.

PASSION | Reviewer: Dilligara
    ------ About the song The Human Stain performed by Kamelot

...I want to make a big review, but I feel that couldn't do it justice. All I can say is that this song moves me, and Roy's voice hits right through me to my very soul. I love Kamelot, I love Roy, and I have high hopes for his replacement.

Reply to Anonymous 4/7/11 | Reviewer: Jessica
    ------ About the song The Haunting (Somewhere In Time) performed by Kamelot

In 2002, Mark Jansen left After Forever for creative differences. In that same year he created another band named Sahara Dust. Sahara Dust changed their name to Epica.
Many bands take names off of other bands songs or even albums. And Epica is one of them since they got their name off of Kamelot's CD.

In another note.. I love this song! Keep playing it over and over.

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