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The story of swamplords started in 1992 when Pekka Kokko
(vocals & bass), Anssi Seppänen(guitar) and Petri
Sankala (drums) founded Ancestor.

After several demo tapes and line-up changes Pekka`s
brother Antti joined the band in 1997. The last nail to
Ancestor`s coffin was demo-CD "Under the Burbot`s Nest" in

In 1999 there was Pekka, Antti and Petri left of Ancestor.
They took keyboardist Antti-Matti Talala in the band and
changed the name from Ancestor to Kalmah. Guys needed a
fresh start in this it was.

The very first More...

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Review about Kalmah songs
Powerfull one | Reviewer: Arnyxx
    ------ About the song Burbot's Revenge performed by Kalmah

The specil thing about Kalmah is their lyrics and ground of subject matter. . . Just about the Burbot they composed a fucking kick ass one song about never giving up. . Give it a try

Kickass Kalmah Song | Reviewer: Arnyxx
    ------ About the song Heroes To Us performed by Kalmah

Hell the hyperdriven riff here is one of the best headbanger i've ever listened. . You'll get hooked to Kalmah after listening this work. . Vocals,keyboard uses are damn rhythmical. .

Kalmah old style | Reviewer: Arnyxx
    ------ About the song Heritance Of Berija performed by Kalmah

I wonder why no comment ? Come on, am i the only kalmah fan here ? This is fucking kickass one besides Hades and Evil in You. . One of the best music created by Kalmah. . Just if you're into Kalmah somehow don't miss it. Amazing vocals,solos,..

Freaking voice | Reviewer: Arnyxx
    ------ About the song Cloned Insanity performed by Kalmah

Vocals are amazing. . Slow pace, drum beats are worth listening. . Kalmah honestly represents melodic death metal. . Headbangers don't miss it if you prefer melo death metal rather than metalcore

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