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Kaledon Biography

Last updated: 08/01/2003 04:34:00 AM

Kaledon was born in the second part of 1998 after the split between the lead guitarist Alex Mele and his band “River of change”. After the spilt Alex Mele called immediately the bass player Paolo Lezziroli and the rhythm guitarist Tommaso Nemesio. After many line-up problems, the band started to play live in the big Roman theatres. Kaledon replace the original drummer “Daniele Staccini” for technical problems with Dario Sacco”. Kaledon’s first release was in autumn of 1999. The band produced their first demo cd, “Spirit of the dragon” without keyboard. With this cd started the collaboration with “Metal Massacre on stage production”. Fabio Bernardi also in “River of change” join the band like a guest for six months. During this period Fabio recorded with the band two promo-cd, “Spirit of the dragon” (same version previous released, but with keyboard), and “God says yes”. Kaledon played like opening act in Ronnie James Dio Show, in june 16 2000.

Kaledon open on the web their page. The internet page is . Kaledon replaced the drummer (Dario Sacco) for personal problems with “David Folchitto”, and the singer (Anthony Drago) with “Claudio Conti”. Kaledon recorded one other promo cd with “Claudio Conti”. The band used the same tracks of the old cd but they replaced the vocal parts with the new singer. The last cd is formed of two songs from “God says yes” and one song from “Spirit of the dragon”. Kaledon found in Daniele Fuligni their new keyboardist ex keyboard player of “Ghost Rider”. The band start to record “Courage” from the last Manowar album, for an (un)official Manowar tribute. Out for Northwind rec.
In october 2001 kaledon sign a record deal with the Italian SteelBorn Rec. (division of Northwind Records). Between November 2001 and March 2002 kaledon was in studio for the recording session of their debut album. "legend of the forgotten reign".
In October 20 2002 kaledon play at Northwind Rec Festival in Rome, with Heraldry and Demon's whip Alex starts his biggest opera! he has started to write the romance of legend of the forgotten reign Kaledon are now finish to work to their second album, and at the same time they have recorded one song for the forthcoming Stratovarius tribute album.
The new chapter's name is : The king's rescue

Line up:
Claudio Conti - Lead vocals
Alex Mele - Lead guitars
Tommaso Nemesio - Rhythm guitars
Daniele Fuligni - Keyboards
Paolo "Animal" Lezziroli - Bass
David Folchitto - Drums