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219 Days

"Kalan is one of the nicest and most talented young musicians I've had the pleasure to work with. He is talented beyond his years. I had a great time working with him and can't wait to do it again" ~ Randy Bachman

There’s a picture in the living room of the Porters’ ranch near Medicine Hat, Alberta of The Great One holding the destined one. It’s the winter of 1985, the Porters are waiting for a flight in the Edmonton airport. Wayne Gretzky, newly crowned King of the world (as far as anyone north of the 49th parallel is concerned) comes over and asks to hold their newborn baby. Ask any Canadian – that would be a hard moment to beat for most memorable.

The Great One holding
the Destined One

Much like the Great One, there was something that caught the tribunal’s eye and soon after the heart of the public’s collective consciousness. The ease with which he performed on stage in front of millions and his strength of conviction was undeniable. Pegged from the beginning as the one to watch, Kalan Porter used his natural talent, years of trained skill, hard work and charm to out maneuver everyone else and skate straight to the top.

Previous to this year’s whirlwind of activity, Kalan was at home in Medicine Hat, working towards answering that age old conundrum that haunts all 19 year olds –

“After a year of college, do I need to take a year off and think about what I’m doing with the rest of my life? I knew it had to be something music related”, Kalan remembers. “I’d always been around music, either with my family, classical violin lessons or playing around Medicine Hat in a duo, it was always there. It had to be a part of my life.”

Kalan’s always had a natural penchant for expressing himself through music. He is classically trained on violin and viola at the Royal Conservatory of Music by world renowned violinist and mentor Michael van der Sloot. He’s also picked up the guitar and piano along the way. Shy and slightly introverted, Kalan’s aged-in oak crooner voice, tempered with a unique edge, together with his musical charisma takes him far beyond his years.

Kalan's rise from obscurity

219 Days is a snapshot of Kalan’s rise from obscurity to his place amongst most mentioned in the news this year. It signifies the beginning of his journey as contestant #7039 to the release of his debut album on ViK/BMG Canada. Having co-written several tracks on the album, his debut showcases the different sides of Kalan Porter, leaving the listener eager to hear his next offering. Enlisting the help of fantastic studio production duo, Perry Alexander (Keshia Chanté, Shawn Desman), creative forces Rob Wells (Amanda Stott, Karen David) and Marc Jordan (Rod Stewart) as well as legendary rock hero Randy Bachman, the songs illustrate the breadth of Kalan’s talent.

“Kalan is a creative force in the studio, he’s musically mature and full of unique ideas. It’s easy to work with an artist with such a clear vision of who they are and what they want to sound like” – Perry Alexander

Showcasing the different sides
of Kalan Porter

From the opening notes of “Intro” that beckons the listener with an edgy instrumental that begins in the classics and frantically climaxes in 44 seconds, to the drum driving rock tune “She’s So Dangerous” that conjures up the darker side of the violin, to the summer day breezy “I Don’t Wanna Miss You” to the trippy hook laden second single “Single”, you can forget what your misguided head thinks this album contains. “In Spite of It All” is a pure Bachman inspired, guitar driven rock song written with Canadian songstress Simon Wilcox (Projet Orange, Three Days Grace). Kalan’s versatility is illuminated with the roots rock foundation of “Lucky Day”, the hopeful message of “After All”, and the triumphant journey laid out in “How Many Roads”. “My Sweet One” (penned by John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting) closes the album with a beautifully simplistic decrescendo.

"Kalan's skills, personality and professionalism made for an enjoyable experience in making this record. He truly blew me away with his vocal and musical abilities, and gave 500% to every song” ~ Rob Wells

With his first single, “Awake In A Dream”, already surpassing eight times platinum in Canada, a website with thousands of visits a day, a host of television shows and charity events already under his belt, Medicine Hat, Alberta’s letting us in on a little secret - Kalan Porter’s a genuine break out artist.

219 Days never sounded so good.

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kalan porter | Reviewer: catha | 1/17/2008

are you ever coming to hamilton and i think your really hot i love all your songs and you i seen you play in gore park on december 7 2007.

Kalan..... struggling, but a valiant effort | Reviewer: Jeff | 2/16/2006

It's a testament to Mr. Porter that he's managed to completely enthrall half the females in Canada from 5 to 55. He is a charismatic young man, a better than average singer, and someone who's enthusiasm and heart have served him well.
It remains to be seen if he has staying power, keeps a clear head, and doesn't let the crazy rock business get to him.
He has a lot to prove, yet, Mr. Kalan Porter does. He's got to prove that he can really write songs, not just toss violin lines into prewritten ones....
He's got to prove that he can remain interesting, hold an audience's imagination, and that he can hold his integrity when the real work part of being a rockstar isn't already done for you.
He has to put an adult polish on what he's started, lose the teenybopper innocence, and push hard to be taken seriously within the music industry.
The fact that the first album was a rush job shows through the seams... the recordings are amateurish, the mixes and mastering are awful, and the songs are very generic...which they had to be, because nobody knew who was going to sing them. But the industry at large decided to be nice, and overlook all that.
I personally think what saved the whole deal might just have been the overwhelming enthusiasm of the singer, and a live band that really really seemed to want to teach the lad, to help him out.
Yes, Boomers and Hens and screaming fans can keep you going for a while, but if your second album sucks, those folks are moving on just as quickly as they boarded the Kalan train.
Here's wishin' him luck...... He seems like a nice guy. Let's hope he hangs on to what he's got. I'll be listening to hear what Kalan himself has to say with this next album

KALAN ROCKS!! | Reviewer: Sarah | 8/24/2005

I have to say Kalan is the most talented guy in the music industry like he is 19 and can sing play violin/viola/bass/guitar.. honestly no other 19 yr old has done that... HE IS ALSO SEXY!... I JUST LOVE HIM!!

kalan is da coolest guy ever | Reviewer: kalanporterismylife | 8/7/2005

kalan is the most talented person in the whole music industry...without a doubt the best ever since the start of music. His cd is too good to describe and he's sooo cute!!! I wonder if his curls will ever cover his entire face!?!?!?! i heart kalan porter!!! lol but no seriously

HOW CAN YOU NOT KALAN PORTER???!????!??????! | Reviewer: Proud_Kalanadian | 6/18/2005

Kalan Porter is THE BEST singer I've known. He is such a talented singer, it's hard to believe. As EVERYONE says, he's waaaaaaaaaaaayyy beyond FaNtAsTiC. Well mannered, good personality, awesome voice, good talents, excellent album + songs....What more could u ask for??

Great CD, Great Talent, and Great Person | Reviewer: Kalan Lover | 3/23/2005

219 Days is a great CD-by far the best CD in my CD collection. Not only is Kalan a talented musician but he's also a very well-mannered person. He makes all of his fans feel special when they meet him. I've had the wonderful opportunity to meet Kalan twice and he is one of the most down-to-earth person that I've ever met!

Awesome cd and artist! | Reviewer: Kalanadian | 1/2/2005

Kalan is overwhelmingly talented. This cd is awesome, i recommend everyone to go out and buy it.

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