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It was in the year 1997 that a young, up-and-coming
producer in Frankfurt developed a new formula for
successful dance productions: Acid as an underground
element mixed with Trance as the popular element resulted
in a new blend as the basis for successful future dance
productions. Kai TRACID was born.

Since 1997 a number of top placings in the German Dance
Charts (DDC) have made Kai Tracid familiar to an audience
that includes more than just observers of the scene. With
"Life Is Too Short" he even managed to break into the TOP
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Submit Kai Tracid New Lyrics

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VERY GOOD | Reviewer: TANG
    ------ About the song I Can Read Your Mind performed by Kai Tracid

i think i like it very much ,you know i love old english songs.but, i am a green hand,so i want to know how to use this web smoothly.

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