Kaddisfly Albums

  • The Four Seasons Album (10/24/2006)
    Campfire (Junio)
    Empire (Noyabr)
    Silk Road (Pharvari)
    Mercury (San Yue)

  • Buy Our Intention; We'll Buy You A Unicorn Album (3/8/2005)
    La Primera Natural Disaster
    A Message To The Flat Earth Society
    The Calm Of Calamity
    Crimson Solitude
    Eres Tremulent
    New Moon Over Swift Water
    Let Weight Be Measured By Merit
    For The Ejection Of Rest; They'll Dance
    Osmosis In C
    What Comes Of Honesty...
    Five Tears From A Carpenter's Eye For Detail
    Buy Our Intention; We'll Buy You A Unicorn
    Set Sail The Prairie
    Horses Galloping On Sail Boats

  • Did You Know People Can Fly? Album (12/16/2003)
    Wounds From A Friend Can Be Trusted
    Enemies Multiply Kisses / Eventide; 6:33 PM
    Midnight In Shanghai
    Unto Dark Hours; A Time Machine
    Vacation On An Invisible Plane / Cast Astray Among Makers Made
    Manhattan Loves You
    Unabridged; En Masse
    Day Disappears With The Absence Of Night

  • Humania Album (10/1/2003)
    Incense & Ambiguity
    Lower Case Letter
    Late Night Car Crash
    One Minus Confidence

  • Honorable Mention Album (10/1/2002)

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