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Over The Past Year, I've been In A Diverging Process.
Maturing From An Inexperienced Child To Somewhat Of An
Inculpable Young Woman. I Have Somehow Managed To Find
Confidence & Contentment Within Myself...

Confidence Is What You Have When You Don't Really
Understand The Situation
I Love The Thought Of Thinking

I Feel Inconceivably Incompetent To Live Up To My Own
Sometimes I Have An Unbearable Sense Of Uncertainty.
I'm Blessed With Opportunities People Only Dream Of.
I'm Scared But More...

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Submit Kaci Brown New Lyrics

Reviews about Kaci Brown songs

Thanks, but I'll take the cash | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Instigator performed by Kaci Brown

"Instigator" is a powerful, suggestive, and humorous number with more potential than any song on the album. And Kaci has the voice to carry it (and you) off, but it, like the rest of the songs was lost in production, muddled by amateur and mediocre "polishing" and what appears to be too many fingers in the cake.

Kaci, find yourself some good people then find and follow your muse.

jeca / stroupe | Reviewer: jessica
    ------ About the song Butterflies Don't Lie performed by Kaci Brown

i love this song it makes me think of my love kevin even if we are not together there may be a chance i could make him mine

Great! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Unbelievable performed by Kaci Brown

Kaci is great, i heard her song for the first time on 'The Perfect Man' and before i wasn't exactly consentrating, but she made me listen so hard, my ears felt like they were gonna fall off!! Great songs, i am gonna buy her album!

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