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Kaci Brown Biography

Last updated: 10/04/2011 12:00:00 PM

Over The Past Year, I've been In A Diverging Process.
Maturing From An Inexperienced Child To Somewhat Of An Inculpable Young Woman. I Have Somehow Managed To Find Confidence & Contentment Within Myself...

Confidence Is What You Have When You Don't Really Understand The Situation
I Love The Thought Of Thinking

I Feel Inconceivably Incompetent To Live Up To My Own Expectations.
Sometimes I Have An Unbearable Sense Of Uncertainty.
I'm Blessed With Opportunities People Only Dream Of.
I'm Scared But Prepared...
Music Is My Life - I'm Readily & Deeply Committed

My Life Is Uncharted Territory... My Music Reveals Its Story One Song At A Time.
Story... (brief)
I Started Singing In Diapers With A Wooden Spoon. For Real! My First Performance Was At Age Three. I Grew Up In Sulphur Springs, Texas, Listening To Every Genre Of Music. Inspired & Encouraged By Many Supportive People, My Dreams Never Seemed Impossible. By The Age Of Ten, After Winning The Title Of "Little Miss Texas Grand Talent," I Performed Every Weekend All Across Texas. ***

**For The Following Year, I Did A Little Soul Searching. In The Mean Time Fate Stepped In and here I am.
This Is Me...
I Can't Wait To Share My Music, My Life, & My Love.


Analyzing Myself-
I Adore...
The Smell Of Coffee
Soulful Voices
Low-rise Jeans
Lip Gloss
Blow Pops
Dr. Pepper
Purple Anything
Sleeping In On A Rainy Day
Text Messages
Boys With Guitars
Boys In General
Random Letters
Random Anything
Hugs & I Love Yous

I <3 U