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“The last three years have changed me as an artist,” says
KT Tunstall. “My bar has been raised. I’ve realized what’s
possible through making an album, touring behind it with a
band, seeing how that album can turn into something else on
stage, and how we can actually make it better.”

It’s hard to imagine how the Scottish-born
singer-songwriter, known to her family as Kate, could do
any better. Within six months of its February 2006
re-release, ‘Eye to the Telescope’, Tunstall’s gritty,
soulful debut, was certified gold in the U.S., More...

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Review about KT Tunstall songs

the Real and Sad meaning | Reviewer: Harry Bollocks
    ------ About the song Black Horse & The Cherry Tree performed by KT Tunstall

NO matter what anyone else says, think about this and see if it doesn't ring true with you.

A young girl has a friend, a young black guy, and the friendship goes a bit farther than they panned; she loses her virginity to the young man. After a weekend or longer, of their sexual activity she finds herself pregnant.
The black man offers to marry her, but she isn't ready for an interracial marriage to the man who was her first - so she aborts the baby. -

"And my heart hit a problem, in the early hours,
So I stopped it dead for a beat or two.
But I cut some cord, and I shouldn't have done it,
And it won't forgive me after all these years"

the abortion was in the fist trimester - the baby's heart was stopped, and the guilt and pain made her feel that her own heart had stopped as well. "Cutting the cord" = that seems pretty plain...Her guilt has never gone away - she imagines that her baby is in some place where he is happy, but thinks that he won't forgive her... so now she resigns herself to living with the pain, her 'heart has forsaken her'.

I think.... | Reviewer: Amie
    ------ About the song Silent Sea performed by KT Tunstall

It is about a relationship, but it's maybe more about the RELATIONSHIP being symbolized by being cut from her happy harbor and "Floating on an ocean and confused". It's hard to navigate a relationship-especially with big feelings. I think, in this song, she says she wants to stay in the silent seas (of her harbor) until she knows how to handle the relationship.(find the controls)...That's how I hear it, anyway. It speaks directly to me that way.

KT TUNSTALL | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Little Favours performed by KT Tunstall

omg. i love kt tunstall all her songs are amazing... if u like this song u should deffo listen to 1 of her other albums, "eye to the telescope". I love "hopeless" and "if only" also listen to "funnyman" in this album...

Under the Weather <3 | Reviewer: Freya Amsbury
    ------ About the song Under The Weather performed by KT Tunstall

i lovelovelove KT Tunstall :) she writes such beautiful music :) i love that she can play like a gazillion instruments it really makes me respect her :) this song is soooooo lovely :) cheers me up on a down day :)

healing | Reviewer: ex
    ------ About the song Heal Over performed by KT Tunstall

I struggle with an eating disorder and self-injury, and my friend played this song for me on her iPod today. I almost cried. This is everything that she's been trying to tell me and everything that I want to believe and can't find the strength to hope for. This song is a song about healing, obviously, but it's also about having someone to help you heal and give you hope, having someone to love you through the hard times and see you through to the other side.

feelings | Reviewer: april
    ------ About the song Throw Me A Rope performed by KT Tunstall

whoever has ever felt the pain of losing someone to distance or time will have to agree that this song is their words put to music. it's unbelievably moving. i wish i could find the strength to send it to the one person i've ever cared about, and lost

Amazing song | Reviewer: CeCe
    ------ About the song Another Place To Fall performed by KT Tunstall

I agree w/ Janice, I think this is about a friend who was always complaining and had enough of it.
She's trying to be kind and doing everything she asks for, but her friend's always pushing her away. Finally, KT's had enough of it and tells her to find another place to fall. Slowly, her friend morphs into a tougher version of herself.

universe & u | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Universe & U performed by KT Tunstall

oh well i heard this song time agoo & this night i've listened it again & i'm finding that the more i heard it the more i fell in love with it! it's so pretty.. i mean it! i fell in love with my ex-bf sith this song & now that i'm not with him im thinkin0 of the past :( love love love thhis song!! :'(

Accepting the fall | Reviewer: J.D.
    ------ About the song Silent Sea performed by KT Tunstall

I think the key part of the song is not that she broke up with some one (i am not sure if it was a lover any way).

I think she's singing she had been lost ever since since this influential person in her life chose to let her go.
She sings "Winds are whipping waves up Like sky scrapers And the harder they hit me The less I seem to bruise" as if she is spiraling down in live though as long as she is spiraling down she does not have to get real and take control.

She keeps floating hanging on to her "harbor".

Then again the real cool about music lyric's is that there is no true meaning its all a matter of interpretation.
Words are powerful and though she wrote it it can mean whatever you feel it should mean.

She's forbiddent to tell the REAL meaning! | Reviewer: Truth be told
    ------ About the song Black Horse & The Cherry Tree performed by KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall has many songs that reveal her status among the elite, illuminated/illuminati, and the basic knowledge of natural earth cycles (such as galactic alignment) and what that will mean to the world's population.

This privilege is a difficult thing for her deal. Like many others, she's forbidden to reveal her actual status as member of an elite bloodline and what it means for her as opposed to the average person on this earth.
She IS however encouraged to sing and write to share with the world as long as it is not direct.
THIS is why so many of the Elite are drawn to the entertainment industry. It is their catharsis under a weight of immense personal human emotion and often, guilt.

Who? Start with...The Killers, Jason Mraz, Colbie Callait, Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon, Feist, John Mayer, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Korn, Skye Sweetnam, Joss Stone, Jack Johnson, Ben's Brother, Martha Wainwright, many hip-hop artists such as Kanye West,and most SNL musical guests.

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