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Born Lawrence Parker in Park Slope, Brooklyn in the summer
of 1965, the rapper left home at 14 to play basketball and
read books free of the gaze of the authorities (his mother
and the New York City public school system). He landed in a
homeless shelter in the South Bronx, where he was dubbed
Krishna by residents because of his interest in the Hare
Krishna spirituality of some of the antipoverty workers. By
the time Krishna met youth counselor Scott Sterling, he was
also writing graffiti as KRS-One (Knowledge Reigns Supreme
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THE TEacHA is Alive | Reviewer: Nemesis Fixx
    ------ About the song Out for Fame performed by KRS-One

ONE thing to remember is that Hip Hop is not dead and but might die.Here we have an example of a work that stands out, an underground classic.

Note how KRS ONE makes use of lyrical power to take us out on the streets with him, on a "heroic" adventure of spreading the Hip Hop gospel onto the streets through Graffiti. He not only makes us "be there" but goes ahead to tell us why we have to get there.

The discussion of Hip Hop elements through ryhme is one of the things that make me admire ands respect the master. If all MCs could get down like this, then

Hip Hop would surely live in us-and be us, and as long as we would live, Hip Hop would live.

Nemesis Fixx

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