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KMFDM is an acronym for : Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid [no
pity for the majority]. As a reaction to the feverish
efforts [Fueled by a pointless "Marketing Campaign"] to
create 1001 possible meanings for our name, we made a point
in 1994 by offering an alternative option. Keiner Macht Fur
Dich Mehr [No one does more for you], can be found in the
lyrics of KMFDM "Light".

Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid was founded by Sascha
Konietzko and Udo Sturm, a German painter and
multi-media-performer, on February 29th, 1984, in Paris
France. More...

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Review about KMFDM songs

An awesome song | Reviewer: MONGO
    ------ About the song Anarchy performed by KMFDM

I especially love the part where the lyrics go a little something like, "FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE!" it exemplifies all the ways the government likes to tax the hell out of the people who vote for them, then give them a little change back at the end of the year, calling it a refund.
And the only people who have a problem with people using freedom of speech to express themselves in their art, are simpletons who are easily swayed by a flashy ad campaign.

Talented band,but bad lyrics | Reviewer: Hillery Watkins
    ------ About the song Anarchy performed by KMFDM

I like Kmfdm,but some of there lyrics are very dirty and Immoral!In the song"Anarchy"fuck me like a whore crosses the line!I've noticed many of there songs have Immoral content!Why do bands feel the need to write this kind of stuff into there lyrics?I guess it's like the movies today...same problem!No thought for religious purity just secular anything goes...who cares what God thinks!

God Bless...Hillery watkins

Kmfdm Redemption! | Reviewer: Hillery watkins
    ------ About the song Godlike performed by KMFDM

This song"Godlike"has alot of redeaming value speaking of escaping your old life of sin,and you'll be Godlike!Kmfdm can write songs that are spiritually positive instead of depravity and gloom!I was very impressed with this song!

God Bless...Hillery Watkins

Great song except certain lyrics! | Reviewer: Hillery watkins
    ------ About the song Son of a Gun performed by KMFDM

I love Kmfdm's music because it's so unique with such a diverse blend of sounds!The only bad thing in this song is the verse"Bows to no God,Kingdom or State".This suggest a anti-God and authority theme...not good!We need to respect God,Kingdom and State! God Bless...Hillery Watkins

Dirty lyrical song! | Reviewer: Hillery Watkins
    ------ About the song Me & My Gun performed by KMFDM

I like Kmfdm,but the following lyrics are offensive "Psycho fucking prick""Bastard child from a rabid bitch""Don't give a good GD what you think of me""Go to town with a pump gun up your(cunt)and the mf word!This song has to much filthy talk despite the positive last verse "It ain't cool to shoot up your school! God Bless...Hillery Watkins

SPIT WHAT? | Reviewer: Hillery Watkins
    ------ About the song Spit Sperm performed by KMFDM

I often wonder if these reviews do any good?I wish the artist would read them!Kmfdm's music is very unusual compared to any other artist.I really like Kmfdm,but I think spit sperm was a bit gross for a song!I can put up with curse words except the"GD"word.I hate it when they curse God it's offensive!This is a one star song with little redeaming value as music!I wish they would have either re-wrote or omitted the song on there symbols album!There rock industrial music is really cool,but some of the content should have been written with a lot more restraint when it comes to being graphic!

LAKE OF ETERNAL FIRE! | Reviewer: Hillery Watkins
    ------ About the song Go to Hell performed by KMFDM

Well this song sort of makes sense except for one thing"I want to go to hell"!Does he really want to burn in a lake of fire forever with the devil?Imagine being tormented day and night by demons and fire!Why do musical artist play on the words of hell so much?I think it's crazy to want to go to hell!Artistic expression of hell is okay,but let's not go there shall we!

Pharmacy | Reviewer: Nick
    ------ About the song Fuck Me performed by KMFDM

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