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KJ-52 is a rare find in today’s Christian hip hop world. A
Caucasian American MC who has risen to prominence in a
largely black arena, he is at once a respectful student of
the art form and a genuine hip hop innovator, stretching
the boundaries of both its sound and shape. And regardless
of where he’s working—from churches and huge Christian
festivals like Festival Con Dios 2003 to the heart of the
hip hop club scene, KJ can hold his own, with ease, against
the best rappers in the business. Indeed, there’s nothing
that smacks of the More...

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Review about KJ-52 songs
Mountain Dew is my favorite soda | Reviewer: Pamela young
    ------ About the song Outro/Gimme Dat performed by KJ-52

Mountain Dew is my favorite soda of all times and this song is hilarious. If I wanted to I can listen to this song while drinking Mountain Dew At the same time. I know any Mountain Dew drinker can. But this is my favorite song because it talks about my favorite soda Mountain Dew.

Soooo helpful and nice! | Reviewer: Rosie
    ------ About the song For The Ladies performed by KJ-52

This is one of my fave songs! Not necessarily because of the music, but I like the lyrics. When I get caught up wishing I was thinner (I'm not fat, but super-skinny), wishing I was prettier, or liking it when boys look at me I listen to this song and remember that I'm beautiful to God and my family. It is also helping me set standards for when/if I get married. I mean, my mom tells me them, but this song helps me remember that the right guy will treat me right and wait for me.

This song is also true about the sex images thing. I just turned 13 and I'll look up random names or be looking for something on google and images of people having sex, *shivers* pics of girls' pubic areas and breasts, and guys' penises. It almost makes me barf. I even saw some images of people having sex before my mom had the sex talk with me, she had only had the puberty talk with me. I wish I could bleach my eyes. Also, a lot of good PG13 movies are ruined by the characters having sex (eg. Iron Man). "I'm sick of the messed up images that they showin' me."

It's as if they are trying to brain-wash us, trying to make us believe that it's bad to be pure. They're trying to tell us that you're special if you have sex, not really warning us of all the bad things that can happen. That is why I like songs like this, they encourage me to wait, and help me remember why I'm waiting. I agree with Mystic, today's society is WAY messed up.

I'm glad I'm a virgin and I intend to stay so 'till I'm married. I'm also glad I don't follow the world's standards, that I wear clothes that don't show too much (no need to draw attention to the wrong areas of my body).All the other girls being tempted, I pray for you, that you'll do the right thing and follow him:-)
God bless,

Learned alot.. | Reviewer: Messenger
    ------ About the song Dear Slim performed by KJ-52

I belive that now eminem is touch i have done alil reserach on him and found in his ''not afraid'' how hes been struugling to get away from his dark side...or let me be direct how hes tryn to get away from the illuminati..and what i belive is KJ has done hs part and i feel some how eminem may have been touch by some punch words and lines in thos song..but i pray now that eminem knows and finds a way out of his dark side totally and turn to God and repent..Now dat will be the coolest thing i wana hear..totally Epic..

This should be played for everyone around the world. | Reviewer: Mystic
    ------ About the song For The Ladies performed by KJ-52

I find today's society really messed up like an elderly person with severe Alzheimer's. Everything has to be this, everything has to be that, look as provocative and sexy as you can, don't care about the consequences that will come--- SHUT UP AND WAKE UP, AMERICA!!! We have girls that are moms before they are even adults, anorexic girls, bullied girls and the majority of most people don't care!? I'm glad I despise mainstream and go my own way. I am blessed to be a Christian girl with good values, and I pray for these many girls suffering from pressure like this. I love this song to pieces. I hope one day society gets their act together and finally set things right. This right now, honestly, isn't going right AT ALL.

SO TRUE! | Reviewer: Danique
    ------ About the song For The Ladies performed by KJ-52

I so totally love this song, with these lyrics. And the commments are really awesome too! All you girls: You so totally rock! I want all the girls in the world to hear this song and let it penetrate their minds and lives :)

To a hardcore Em Fan | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dear Slim performed by KJ-52

@From a hardcore Em fan,
Christian music is about Christianity. Thats why it has a genre. Im not picking a fight, but dont get mad at those artists who are speaking to their brother and sisters in Christ or trying to reach a deaf world.

answer to: Logan C. | Reviewer: Derk Jan
    ------ About the song Life After Death performed by KJ-52

heey, yeah I think that's because in the first verse the story is about an other person than in the third. It's absolutely not just a mistake, KJ-52 is very creative and writes his songs with inspiration, i love music, play it myself and all that stuff, but the way he does that? no way. greetings from The Netherlands

listen close | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Dear Slim performed by KJ-52

this song has more than just a message to slim but a chance to receive something that money cant buy.if you listen to this song evaluate your life and the music you listen to if it dont edify the spirit dont listen to it...a visual of this is like as you listen to the music the demons subject to the music are just clinging on to you and creating strongholds in your life. listen close and listen good

Stop hatin' | Reviewer: KJ=awesome
    ------ About the song Dear Slim performed by KJ-52

Where to begin? Perhaps by saying that KJ-52 is an example to all of us---showing the love of God even to those he doesn't know. Eminem has real God-given talent----he just needs to realize where it comes from and realize that it's not all about him. I don't know his whole life story, of course, and I've never met him, so I can't judge (well, as Christians we shouldn't regardless) :) but from what I have read of his lyrics, they have a very negative effect on many people---especially kids. Why do we need to listen to words of hate and violence and immorality? KJ's songs are always clean, enjoyable and meaningful---and he really does care about his fans. I just became one this year, honestly---and it happened when I met him at a concert. I can see his love for God shining through in what I know of his lifestyle...and part of what I appreciate about him is that he is not only talented and blessed with a fabulous sense of humor, but also very honest and genuine and easy to talk to. That he would care enough to pray for Eminem really touches me...and I think we should follow his example. Thank You, Lord for KJ and all others like him.

~ ~ All Glory To God ~ ~

My Kj 52 Jesus review | Reviewer: Tayá
    ------ About the song Jesus performed by KJ-52

Insane beat! Tha barz r g0od 2 bt thyr sum eye cudnt undastand(2nd vrse,1st bar)..7 owta 10 4 tha s0ng! Fav lines: 'Iv g0t so much 2 sae i need 2 mics 2 speak on' 'thats why i make a passion 4 Christ lyk Mel Gibs0n' n tha last 5 barz of tha last verse..

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