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K-Otic Biography

Last updated: 07/30/2001 10:32:30 PM

The band K-otic came from a show called Starmaker on TV. They were searching for the ultimate band. The K-otic members are: Stefan, Bart, Anna, Bouchra, Martijn, el and Sita. Sita left the group after there first CD called Bulletproof. Sita went solo. The six of them made a second CD called Idestructble. After that they broke up and each started there solo career. Martijn went with his own band TAXI wich I never heard of again. And from Bart, Anna, Bouchra and Stefan I also never heard again. Rachel maid some jingles of a commercial and a soundtrack from a movie. Sita is the only one of seven that has a succesfully solocareer. She had two albums and had a hit single in France with a band.

Thanks to Liesje for submitting the biography.