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k-os' socially aware raps and heartfelt melodies captured
the imagination of the widest range of music fans and
critics on his debut Exit. So what does he do for an
encore? On Joyful Rebellion, the much anticipated
follow-up, k-os elevates his clever rhyme skills and keen
sense of musicianship, concocting an even more unique brew
of protest music that simultaneously appeals to crossover
and rap purist audiences.

There is good reason to believe that this Toronto-bred
emcee/vocalist is about to take the rap world by storm.
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Review about K-OS songs

1 one my top 5 albums of all time | Reviewer: Brent (South Africa)
    ------ About the song Crucial performed by K-OS

I heard this album round 05,listened to it almost everday on my way to and from varsity. now, at that time i was 24,knew what liked when it came to music.i was born with an ear for sound and still listen to most genre's as long as its good music!! i grew up listening to jazz, early high school r&b,dre and snoop type hip hop and old school dance then from bout 16 till 19ish metallica type rock.i was quite big on the deep,soulfull and funky house scene round 2000 and still listen to and love it. i find myself mostly listening to real hip hop for the past few years now. when i discovered this album it some how changed my taste in music as this is my longest musical phase.i put this album on whenever i need a k-os fix. mos def, common, nas and my fav right now is 19 90 now by celph titled.in a nutshell, i fucking love this shit!!!

Thx bruh.stay blessing globe. | Reviewer: stanley edwards
    ------ About the song Highway 7 performed by K-OS

Its a blessing to here an artist thats keeping music alwayz fresh and brand new to help us grow , in our mind,body,and soul,as well as an human race. keep moving forward and falling up. love and peace to all ... GONe!!!!!

Lyrics check... | Reviewer: Pat
    ------ About the song B-Boy Stance performed by K-OS

"Elevate, Meditate, eliminate-thoughts from my past keep knocking upon my gate
Shouldn’t let em in, the answers not to debate
But to observe the debating and then we can understate"


"Elevate, Meditate, eliminate-thoughts from my past keep knocking upon my gate
Should I let em in?, the answers not to debate
But to observe the debating and then we can understate"

I can't be 100% sure about that but it does seem to make more sense.

Great song | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song The Love Song performed by K-OS

Great track!! It was featured in an ad for vodafone that was amazing, search "vodafone mayfly ad" it has won awards. Another note the line "Sayin a style's their own when they bite like Mike Furounsville" should actually say "Mike from Brownsville" which is a reference to Mike Tyson, who is from the Brownsville area of Brooklyn and obviously bit Evander Holyfield.

Perfect | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Love Song performed by K-OS

I could find n flaw in this song. The lyrics, the composition, everything gelled in well together becoming one of the best songs coming from K-OS if not more....Thank you man for such a original score.

this song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sunday Morning performed by K-OS

this song is so good! haha it always cheers me up! if someone has any idea what this song is about e-mail me at combot13@hotmail.com

the rain | Reviewer: Bryen Shi
    ------ About the song The Rain performed by K-OS

This song really moved me when I heard it.

It totally displays K's evolution as an artist. So combine blues guitar with perfectly orchestrated strings was incredible.

And the lyrics truly mean something - which is a rare find in this consumer related music industry.

Grows on you! | Reviewer: Celi
    ------ About the song Catdiesel performed by K-OS

When I first heard this song on their new album "Atlantis - Hymns 4 Disco" I thought it had a cool sound but I liked other songs on the album more... but now a month or two later this has become my FAVOURITE SONG on the album. And it is a REALLY GREAT ALBUM! :D

K-OS ROX! | Reviewer: Michelle
    ------ About the song Crabbuckit performed by K-OS

i love k-os he rocks and this is a great song!!! plus hes canadian(woo!!)

joyful rebellion | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Man I Used To Be performed by K-OS

with mystical timing this song and album came and helped pull me out of some black days. get this album.

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