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With each notes she sings, lyric she writes or piano key she strikes, songstress K. Michelle speaks her mind and makes no apologies for it. Taking a vow to stay true to herself, K. Michelle understands that part of being a noteworthy new artist isn't just possessing talent but having something to say. "I'm the biggest advocate of being yourself," says Michelle, who considers music to be her therapy. "People can believe in you all day long, but if you don't bring it to light or nourish it, it doesn't matter."

Each song she writes is a soundtrack to a life that started in Memphis, TN. A life that lead to the title of her debut album, Pain Medicine, which will be released this Fall on Jive Records. "Everything that I do is in this album," says Michelle. "I sing about what I'm going through at the moment. For example, I don't have any love songs on the album because I'm not in love right now." K. Michelle doesn't take for granted the opportunity she has to show the world who she really is a fighter, a single mother, a true musician. "[Pain Medicine] is my story. If I have this platform it has to be my story."

The decision to become a singer/songwriter wasn't an easy one for K. Michelle. Although she earned a musical scholarship to attend Florida A&M University, she eventually switched her major to Biology and toyed with becoming a nurse. "I didn't want to major in music," says the 24 year old. However, she never stopped singing. "My whole time at college I played the piano and sang. I even won Miss FAMU." However, it wasn't until she graduated college that she decided to make music her main focus. For several months she toured Asia as a singer with Memphis orchestra Sound Fuzion. Upon her return to Memphis, she took an office job. That didn't last long. "I got a job in sales. I sat in a cubicle all day. I'd walk around the office singing. That's when I realized that was not the life for me." Michelle created a Myspace page and within a week caught the attention of a production company in Atlanta. Seeing this as her big break, she moved to Atlanta with the goal of securing a record deal. But that didn't happen for another two years.

Thanks to a chance run in with ERIKA WRIGHT, Michelle got the big break she needed. During a trip to Jive's New York offices. K. Michelle wowed Jive executives and received a deal. "God knew I needed a label that could understand me. "Memphis is a rough city. I thank the city, because it toughened me so much." It's that toughness that pours out in her debut album Pain Medicine. On it, K. Michelle writes and co-produces every track, making her album very personal. "I can't fake music. I sing about what I'm going through at that moment." The album's buzz single "Self Made" has turned into a surprise hit, striking a chord with women thanks to its call for self-empowerment.

While her single bangs in the club, Michelle is putting the finishing touches on the album, teaming with producers Salaam Remi, Drumma Boy, Elvis, Cool & Dre, Rico Love, Lil Ronnie, Platinum Brothers and Harvey Mason Jr. "It was very important for me to work with people that my energy connected with." She describes her writing process as starting with one simple question: How am I feeling today? One thing that K. Michelle cherishes is her five year old son, Chase. "I'm very proud to be a single mother." She understands that her new career means she isn't the typical mother but looks forward to creating a life that her and her son can enjoy. Another side of K. Michelle that might surprise some people—she is a big fan of country music and even yodels. "As a little girl, I had the same vocal coach as Justin Timberlake. My coach introduced me to country music and I still love it to this day." Before her album hits stores, K. Michelle is already making fans including fellow Jive recording artist R. Kelly. "Getting the opportunity to sit with R. Kelly was so beneficial to me. He taught me so much about music, the business, and being true to myself." Determined not to be forced into a box, K. Michelle wants her music to be accepted for what it is—her truth. "I'm offering honest music."

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TRUE STORY | Reviewer: jackie n huff | 8/28/14


My Admiration To You | Reviewer: Trinitee | 2/27/14

Hello.K.Michelle. I am A HUGE fan Of You. I love your songs,. You sing about what you feel and what others can even relate to. I have most of your song. I love all your songs, but i have three main ones. Cant Raise A Man, The Right One, ANd Fallin'. bye And Thanks For All The Songs you sing.

loving her songs | Reviewer: Cornijaramsey-mcmullen | 2/25/14

K.Michelle i love your songs like when i grow up i went to become u because your life is just amazing i went her to be my mom and i love your acting in love in hip hop but keep doing your thing i hope i can meet u one day and u come to my do. love ya

My I Love You Some Much | Reviewer: Taylor Anderson | 12/8/13

K.MICHELLE I am a huge fan of you.your son is handsom in your baby daddy is to so my it did not work out & con you writing a song about Taylor & Antonio a love song and I love you so much from:Taylor Anderson
Love you

The True Story | Reviewer: Arionna Denise | 11/5/13

K.Michelle , I admire your musice so much there are so many thigs in your life that i can relate too. Ive always wanted to start my career off in going to school for Cosmotology & i never realized that that isnt the only aspiration of my life that I want to do I love singing . I experience sitting at a cubicle every other day in my pathway Business Management at my school Clyde C. Miller Career Academy and all I do is sing all day everyday you have inspired me to follow my dreams no matter what may knock me down or come my way & i love you for that

someone like u kmichelle | Reviewer: madison hayes | 9/18/13

MS.K Michelle Im so much like u I like to sing and someday I would like t be just like u u inspired u very much every day I go to school(shodalawn) I have to listen to ur music vsop and sometimes Ill just start crying cause life is very hard now (in Memphis)when u come down here I try to go to come and see u but ticket be sold out I live in Memphis tn were u are from and when I have my 13th Birthday I going to let u come and show of love Madison hayes

My Wonderful Daughter | Reviewer: Tonya Poindexter | 9/4/13

Hi K, I am writing you to let you know that I have a daughter who admire you so much. She listen to all your songs and is one of your biggest fan. She is currently at Spelman College in Atlanta, studying bio-chemistry. She is also in Glee and loves music and hope to one day be a Singer like you. If you ever visit Spelman College please give shout out to my daughter Kimimnickque Harbert. She will love that.:-, she graduate in 2015

i love you | Reviewer: Angela Dorsey | 8/28/13

Hey kmichelle my name is Angela I'm 15yearsold u I watched u love n Hip pop Ur amazing I wish I could meet u I listen to all of Uyour music u inspired me to live life I admire u. God bless u u mad me become the young women Ian today I live in Cincinnati Ohio I love u sooo much I hope n pray I meet u n that u read this love u Ms k Michelle bye

i know what you are felling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/11

i am a huge fan of kmichelle. i love all of your music. i think you are a true singer and, sind about what you are felling at the moment.i know your mom Angelas Pate. you promblem dont believe me but, i am your cousin and i am your mom's niece . ask about Michelle JONES . sheWORKS AT YOUR MOMS JOB ASI GE

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