K'naan Albums

  • Country, God, Or The Girl Album (10/16/2012)
    The Seed
    Gold In Timbuktu
    Waiting Is a Drug
    Is Anybody Out There
    Hurt Me Tomorrow
    The Sound of My Breaking Heart
    Nothing to Lose
    70 Excuses
    Bulletproof Pride
    The Wall
    Sleep When We Die
    More Beautiful Than Silence
    On the Other Side
    Coming to America

  • More Beautiful Than Silence Album (1/31/2012)
    Is Anybody Out There
    Nothing To Lose
    More Beautiful Than Silence
    Coming To America

  • Troubadour Album (2/24/2009)
    I Come Prepared
    Bang Bang
    If Rap Gets Jealous
    Wavin' Flag
    Fire In Freetown
    Take A Minute
    15 Minutes Away
    People Like Me
    Does It Really Matter?

  • The Dusty Foot Philosopher Album (6/7/2005)
    Wash It Down
    What's Hardcore?
    My Old Home
    I Was Stabbed By Satan
    If Rap Gets Jealous
    The Dusty Foot Philosopher
    In The Beginning
    The African Way
    Voices In My Head
    Boxing My Shadow
    Until The Lion Learns To Speak

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    There's a song and lyrics missing | Reviewer: Maria-Soledad
        ------ About the album The Dusty Foot Philosopher performed by K'naan

    I expected to find "blues for the horn", which is immediately after "Until the Lion Learns to Speak. Also the lyrics for Hoobaale are a scam, because what K'naan sings in English is missing, I am Mexican and don't understand the second phrase he sings "how come you turn ____ when it's your own brother calling?" Offering only what pretends to be native language seems a scam to me.

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