Juvenile Albums

  • Mardi Gras Album
    Mardi Gras
    Mardi Gras Intro
    All My Life
    That Gangsta Shit
    Sip Champagne
    Ya Sleeping On Me
    Black Card Music
    Ready Or Not
    Sweet Love
    Take My Breath
    Rejuvenation Outro
    Betcha I Don't Cry No More

  • Juvie Tuesdays Album
    Who The F*ck Is You
    Ode To My Projects
    I Love My Rounds
    Against The Wall
    Gutta Shit
    Picture Perfect
    Good At What I Do
    Watch Yoself
    All I Want
    I Am Paid
    Yellow Tape
    Truth Hurts
    The Explanation

  • Rejuvenation Album (6/19/2012)
    Can't Stop My Money
    Mardi Gras
    Lost My Mind
    Imma Get Rich
    Fall Back
    Bad Guy
    Ahh Haa
    I'm Yo People
    Got It Like That
    Still Here
    Ain't What You Want
    Toast to the Good Life

  • Beast Mode Album (7/6/2010)
    Go Hard or Go Home
    Drop That Thang
    Bitch Instructions
    La La La La La
    I'm da Man
    Nothing Like Me
    No Team
    Drinks on Me
    Pussy Kat
    Where They Do that At
    Lights, Camera, Action

  • Cocky & Confident Album (12/1/2009)
  • Reality Check Album (3/7/2006)
  • The Greatest Hits Album (10/19/2004)
  • Juve the Great Album (12/23/2003)
  • Project English Album (1/30/2001)
  • Tha G-Code Album (12/7/1999)
  • 400 Degreez Album (6/9/1998)
  • Solja Rags Album (5/13/1997)
  • Being Myself Album (2/7/1995)

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