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Against Me! Justin Lyrics

Last updated: 11/14/2012 01:41:40 PM

They're advertising on the TV.
"Become a soldier,"
It's still high school politics, you know.
Nothing's changed, jocks and assholes still don't know shit about aesthetic.
I think I smell a rat.
We sold our revenge, now we're working for them.

Where's the divide?

You know Justin? Well, Justin's dead.
And Yahoo won't let his family have access to his e-mail account,
The news reporter said:
"I feel so bad for you, it's so awkward.
There's really nothing I can say,
[Cut to commercial break]
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays from network and its affiliates."

So where's the divide?
Where's the divide?
Where's the divide?

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Justin | Reviewer: Emily | 11/13/12

This song is about my cousin, Justin Ellsworth who was killed in action on Nov 13, 2004 (8 years ago today). He was given the purple heart because he saved the lives of at least 11 other U.S. Marines and many civilians in his death. He found a bomb that was set to go off soon and ordered everyone but himself to leave the scene so he could disarm it and it went off on him.

Even at their worst, they are still better than most. | Reviewer: Emilyy | 5/14/08

This isn't a typical Against Me! song.
its real.
Its not long, or catchy.
It has a point, and I think that is what a lot of songs out there now a days are missing.
Its like Thrash Unreal, or How Low?
They are songs, that arn't really catchy, but they have a message behind them that mean more than anything else.
Against Me! sings about whats real. And real isn't all the shit that other bands are singing about.
Real is growing up with a shitty life, and trying to find a place to fit in, and you find a place like the Army, and you think its going to be awesome and perfect. But you forget, you forget about the whole war aspect, you are just happy that someone has accepted you for who you are.
This to me, is Justin.
This to me, is Against Me!
Real, raw and powerful.
Rock on Against Me!, Rock on!!