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Justin Hayward is vocalist, lead guitarist and composer for the Moody Blues. Over the last thirty-five years the band has sold a phenomenal fifty five million albums and has received numerous awards.

Justin’s interest in music started at the age of seven when he had his first piano lesson. He taught himself the ukulele and soon progressed to guitar. By his early teen’s he was playing in local groups in Swindon and when he left school he answered an advertisement in " The Melody Maker" and found himself playing with The Wilde Three with Marty Wilde and his wife Joyce.

He made several recordings with The Wilde Three and also appeared with them at the London Palladium. After making a couple of solo singles he joined the Moody Blues in the summer of 1966.

Justin’s career as a songwriter took off with the composition "Fly Me High" in 1966 which was followed by the classic hit songs "Nights in White Satin" & "Tuesday Afternoon" from the album "Days of Future Past". This album went on to become one of the most historic recordings of our time and was a favourite of the NASA astronauts and was taken aboard the Atlantis shuttle space craft by Chief astronaut "Hoot" Gibson on many missions.

With other great hit songs "Question" "The Voice" "I Know Your Out There Somewhere" and "Your Wildest Dreams" Justin continues to have a very successful career with the Moody Blues recording and touring throughout the world.

When the Moody Blues took a break from touring in 1975 Justin recorded the Blue Jays album, followed by the hit single "Blue Guitar". Whilst continuing his work with the Moodies he also made several solo albums "Songwriter" "Night Flight" "Moving Mountains" and most recently "The View From the Hill". Justin had a top ten single in 1978 with "Forever Autumn" taken from Jeff Wayne’s "War of the Worlds" album. He also collaborated in 1989 with Mike Batt and the London Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded the album "Classic Blue".

Justin is featured with the Moodies on the Rock Walk "Hall of Fame" on Sunset Boulevard and has been awarded three ASCAP awards for most performed works, an Ivor Novello and is a member of the infamous SODS " The Society of Distinguished Songwriters". In March 1997 Justin was honoured when he was chosen as the subject for "This is your life" where he had a chance to meet up with many of his friend s including Marty Wilde.

Justin now lives with his wife Marie on the Mediterranean and records in Italy at "Studio Mullinetti" where he say’s "Spending more and more time in this beautiful part of the world I have re-discovered the music in me, and to make music in a beautiful place with your friends is every songwriters dream".

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I love the Moody Blues. | Reviewer: Steven J Nelis | 9/27/14

I think they deserve to be nominated in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Long time ago. I'm 56 yrs old and always been a fan since I was in grade school. I've seen them twice and I will always go back.

From the moment I first heard "Tuesday Afternoon" on the radio in 1968, my ears were immediately attracted to "that voice". When I received a copy of my very first Moody Blues LP record in 1973 (On The Threshold of a Dream), I finally became more acquainted with the singer behind that special voice, namely David Justin Hayward. From then on, I became one of the many "Moodies Freaks", and proudly so. My wife even says that when I sing, I sound very similar to Justin's heavenly voice, and have even sung a few times with backing music karaoke style to "Nights In White Satin" over the years at such events, and people tell how much I sound like Justin! When I get to heaven, I hope somewhere along the way that I can stand next to Justin, and make some beautiful harmony together! What a wonderful influence he has been to me, not just as singer, songwriter,and guitarist, but also the excellent role model he has been for his wife Marie, and daughter Doremi. His commitment to excellence and integrity is very impressive! What a beautiful and unique human being

Moody Blues are my favorite band of all time | Reviewer: Randy Thompson | 11/17/13

I am now 60 years old and I was introduced to their music while I was in High School around 1970 and I purchased every one of their albums and now have them all in CD. I am in awe of their music and especially all of the songs that Justin Hayward wrote with them. I now have a copy of "Spirits of the Western Sky" and it is so obvious that Justin is why the Moody Blues sound the way they do. His writing and lyrics amazing and enchanting. I have seen them in concert every time they have come to Phoenix to do a concert. I am a great fan and will go to hear them anytime I can. I hope they all continue to make more music and CD's in the future and tour an come to AZ so I can see them live. I have also seen them on Youtube though it wasn't always filmed as well as could have been. They have been a big influence on my own writing and musical career.

VOICE OF AN ANGEL | Reviewer: GINNY | 8/8/13


a legend for all times | Reviewer: Jerry Kuna | 2/10/10

I first was introduced to the Moodies way back as a freshman in college in 1972 by a friend in the dorm and their music has never left first place in my life as one of life's best treats. As far as voice resonance, lyrics, great melodies, and thought -provoking lyrics-Justin will never be topped....

Inspiration and Perseverence | Reviewer: Anne Kunath-Scheefer | 1/6/10

I was 14 when first introduced to Moody Blues w/Tuesday Afternoon and Nights in White Satin when a brother returned home from the Vietnam War.Since then their music has been an inspiration to me on a daily basis.My children did not learn nursery rymes but the moody blues. their music and Justin Hayward has given me perseverence through anything that has happened in my life. through their music you can overcome any obstacle thrown at you.great inspiration in their lyrics...I thank them.. especially Justin for making my life fruitful and a beautiful heart and soul full of compassion,love,grace,joy and forgiveness!!!!!

i really love you justin | Reviewer: deborah | 9/6/09

i have been to 7 moody blues concerts ian 46 years old and i love the band. but justin holds a special place for me i find him sexy and when he sings it totally sends me sailing.my ring tone is nights in white satin. i just recently found ou justin was married it broke my heart but she is a lucky woman. see you guys soon.

Justin is the man | Reviewer: catherine | 7/26/09

My father used to sing in a band when I was a child He was awesome. He used to do a lot of ten years after, the guess who, cream, the doors, and of course The Moody Blues. I was about 6 yrs old and I knew every song by the moody blues. Justin hayward is the best!!!!!!

Love ya, guy! | Reviewer: Sue | 7/3/09

I met the MBs in the early 70's while working at one of their concerts. I must say, they were very nice guys, and that smile of Justin's was magic. The music remains the best I've ever heard. It still gives me chills when I hear "Gypsy." Thanks for all the beauty you have given to us.

justin hayward | Reviewer: karen | 5/9/09

I feel like ive known you all my life i was actually about 14 when i discovered your music im 43 now have only been to one of your concerts your music speaks to my heart you have a rare gift even though ill probably never meet you id like you to know how much you and your music have influenced my life please dont ever stop.

I rediscovered the MB's | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/08

I loved the Moodies in the 70s and lost my way in between Sesame Street tunes and the heavy metal dreg from my children interests - I went to a Moody Blues concert in Feb 2008 and fell in love again. I thank them for waiting for me to return.

I love Justin Hayward | Reviewer: wanda leggett | 5/26/08

I'm 49 yrs old recently looked up MB on you tube and fell in love with them! I'd only known about 8 songs of theirs and hadn't heard some of them in years! Some when I was 9 or 10 yrs old. Now I'm collecting MB stuff, saw 'em in concert April '08, love most all their songs and think Justin Hayward is totally awesome! Hope they'll continue to make music many more years to come!

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