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Can't get the stink off
He's been hanging round for days
Comes like a comet
Suckered you but not your friends
One day he'll get to you
And teach you how to be a holy cow

You do it to yourself, you do
And that's what really hurts
Is that you do it to yourself
Just you, you and no one else
You do it to yourself
You do it to yourself

Don't get my sympathy
Hanging out the 15th floor
You've changed the locks three times
He still comes reeling through the door
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One day I'll get to you
And teach you how to get to purest hell

You do it to yourself, you do
And that's what really hurts
Is that you do it to yourself
Just you, you and no one else
You do it to yourself
You do it to yourself

You do it to yourself, you do
And that's what really hurts
Is that you do it to yourself
Just you, you and no one else
You do it to yourself
You do it to yourself.. yourself.. yourself..

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The truth. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/14

The band has gone on record in stateing this is about a narcassist - a past friend. "Changed the lock 3 times..." Read up on Narcisstic Personality Disorder, you can't get rid of them easily.
They are the wife beaters, the child molesters - their "stench" doesn't wash out easily. "You do it to yourself...." a Narcassist uses projection. So their bad becomes your bad - they convince you that "You do it to yourself". They hid the truth, they are pure evil. Most serial killers are on the Personality Disorder spectrum. Jimmy Savil was one.

Meaning in My View | Reviewer: Elliot | 6/29/13

I think the 'he' and the adjectives used in reference to this 'he' is a personification of depression, but not the kind of clinical depression that should inspire our pity and compassion, it's the kind of depression that is self-inflicted through negative and pessimistic outlooks on life and people and the lack of effort to self improve one's self. In essence, allowing one's self to stagnate and be caught up in self pity and self loathing.

The song basically says that these people don't deserve sympathy because they also manage to drag others down into the doldrums with their self-pity and depressed nature and that their condition is 'just'

The video illustrates this point perfectly I believe. The man seemingly has nothing to be depressed and despondent about and the other man gets extremely angry at the man's behavior and inertia. When the man on the floor conveys what has caused him to be lying on the pavement (basically moaned about his life and the way he feels) he drags the rest of them into his misery and they become like him.

I am He as you are He as you are Me & We are all together | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/12

The man on the ground just found out; it was in front of him the whole time & seeing it now shatters his mind. When he tells the others it blows their minds too. No more holy cows.

Words do not suffice


Depression | Reviewer: Daniel | 4/23/12

You know when you get into a funk despite the fact that you are surrounded by people. I think that lies beneath the lines:
"Can't get the stink off
He's been hanging round for days
Comes like a comet
Suckered you but not your friends"

He also talks about how much of the problems that get you into that funk are self-created, right here: "You do it to yourself, you do
And that's what really hurts".

Anyway, that's my best guess. My first language isn't english so excuse me for the grammar mistakes.

A bad relationship (?) | Reviewer: Aeya | 7/27/11

I think (but I'm not quite sure) that this may be about how someone stays in a bad or abusive relationship, and ignores the encouragement to break up, or has tried, but didn't get the results that they wanted and just let it go. [The person expressing their veiw] is annoyned that the [victim] and decides to let them deal with it themselves.
"You've changed the locks three times; he still comes reeling through the door," implies the [victim] isn't willing to do much about the relationship,"can't get the stink off; he's been hanging round for days," implies the annoyance, and "one day I'll get you; and teach you how to get to purest hell," implies that the person has stopped trying to help, and is waiting for the [victim] to end the relationship.
I don't know, my guess is as good as anyone's.
Awesome song; though, and I love the Streetlight cover.

living life | Reviewer: allus | 1/18/11

perhaps it is just about a provokative act to reach attention. And by doing something unusual which doesn't fit in the perfect world of the rational thinkers, he just give advise of living the life you want to, and not to try fitting in the established frame of society.

pearls for the pigs | Reviewer: MR YORKE-A-LOT | 12/12/10

WOW Now here's a group of guys that know how to rock!They made 2 albums (the bends and ok computer) with nothing but top notch music & lyrics,plus finaly a band that doesn't have management gurus fabricating a "cool,manly,rock 'n roll image" . Thom Yorke is a genius RADIOHEAD=ROCK 'N ROLL ROYALTY

Narcissists | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/10

So, haven't you noticed that sometimes the best way to get attention is to pretend that you don't want it?

By laying there, in public, saying he didn't want help... surefire way to gather a crowd!

truth | Reviewer: Ryan | 12/2/09

The idea that the man is a narcissist doesn't quite fit the facts, the man did not want to tell anyone what was on his mind. If he was a narcissist he would be striving for the attention, but he was not, he was insisting they leave him alone. The video seems better suited to an eastern philosophical outlook, or the emergent view in neuroscience that what we think of as the "I" of our inner experience does not actually exist. Our whole lives are spend working the economic treadmill to get our Self(s) somewhere in the world, and this man realizes its utterly pointless.

my opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/09

This song tells the listeners about a problem that most people have today; they don't want to admit/they don't realise what they' ve been doing to themselves all their life. That perfectly fits with the video and text.Althought that is nothing more but my opinion.

best song evar. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/09

This song is amazing. The guy below talks about it being about narcissism, and he is in a way, right. What actually happened was Thom's friend hung himself in his 15th floor apartment, and Thom had little sympathy for such an action, as it does denote narcissism and he is bringing those around him down.

Narcissim | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/09

Narcissism as the subject of this song makes perfect sense. Narcissists will involve everyone in their drama to gain a sense of self from the people around them, to fill up the empty self they are.

It doesn't matter what the guy said at the end of the (marvelous) clip. The effect is that he drags down everyone around him in his drama, which is exactly what happens when they keep on feeding the ever hungry ego of the narcissist.

Having had personal experience with this kind of behavior, I can testify that both the video and the song really drive the point home.

Those who talk about this being about depression do have a point, since many depressed people do have a tendency to withdraw and not be as empathic as they could be. Narcissists totally lack the capacity for empathy, though, and I think the "he's been hanging around for days" and "one day he'll get to you and teach you how to be a holy cow" speak of this, and of the sense of grandiosity that comes with narcissism.

the truth | Reviewer: Bob Johnson | 10/14/08

if all the knowledge in the universe were too suddenly become apparent to you, what would your reaction be? happiness, paralysis, instant death.....i can't help but suspect that the truth would be terrifying....

bass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

this song is great, the lyrics match the idea of the video perfectly. and the bass line is great, it slowly gets higher and higher until it reaches a peak then just dissapears, except for the last time when it stays really high for a while then seems to completely fall apart.

Just Me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/08

This is what I call god music...how come they don't make stuff like this anymore? This song is a masterpiece and the video was so catching that I didn't even fast forward it.

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