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Pearl Jam Just a Girl Lyrics

Last updated: 06/19/2012 07:35:11 AM

Thieves in the window
Trouble down the hall
The resin white ceilings
Blood, dripping, flows
Out on the front line
Preachers sweep the air
Out on their backsides
With nothing in common, with no problem

She's just a girl...
Just...just a girl, yeah...
Just one time around
She has little chance to make good
Distance of her lie
Decided in the words

Burning fires
fevered , she beliefs
This maid in progress
Betrayin' your mother's need for a shelter

Oh, just a girl
Just...just a girl
Just one time around
She had little chance to make good
Treats them now, she's young
But it can be taken away
Just one time around...can be taken away
We all make mistakes

Hush my babe...don't you cry...
You're my little alibi
Oh please...I need some sleep
Hmm, now be taking
You with me

Just a girl (5x)
Just a kid, yeah...
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