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Gerald Levert Just Us Lyrics

Last updated: 05/06/2008 12:00:00 PM

Artist: Gerald Levert
Song: Just us
Album: Gerald's World
[B u y " Gerald's World " CD]

Girl I hate to call you up on your job
But I had to let you that this bullshit got to stop
Your my woman now and your full grown
Got a baby in my hand and your momma on the phone

Pre Release

Hit me with the woo woo all in my ear
Talking bout our business over here
You better check her, cause you know that I'll flip
She don't know me that well
I don't care


Just us, just you and me
That's how its s'pose to be
All your friends and your family
I aint gonna let them worry me

Repeat chorus

That girl if they should call about four or five times
Trying to tell me how to take care of this baby boy of mine
Talking bout did you feed him yet?
He should take a nap
You better step to your girlfriend
before that trick get slapped

Pre Release


Your brother come around, like he know me well
said, "He don't like the way I treat you"
Tell him go to hell
He told a friend of mine, that he gonna whoop my ass
I want you to let your brother know
I said, "He know where I live at"

Pre Release

Repeat chorus twice

Cause I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you yeah
Paid your bills on time
Made your babies mine
Give you my last dime
I'm yours and your mine
Just you and me

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