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Fred Hammond Just To Be Close To You Lyrics

Last updated: 06/10/2013 05:42:10 PM

Just to be close to you, just to be close to you
Just to be close to you
Is my desire

Just to be close to you (to the King of kings), just to be close to you
Just to be close to you
Is my desire

When I come into your presence
& I’m down on my knees
When I’m close to you Jesus
I know that You’re all that I need

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never lose hope within yourself | Reviewer: victor | 6/10/13

This song,just make me to know true nature of myself and my existence in this gives me courage,trust,self determination and it dispels all the weakness even fear to go away from me.this song heals me by merely listening th rhythm with my whole minds.

Perfect Meditation | Reviewer: Kim Brown | 5/18/08

This is a wonderful Big-Little praise song, It makes you want to meditate and/or concentrate on Christ, and just marinate (spiritually speaking) in the ambiance of Christ the Lord. Ya just wanna lift up those blessed hands and go in!

Thanks for the good music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/07

I'm a student at the Univ of the Free State n i'm part of Possible Life Foundation(Student Christian Organisation).This song really ministers and i love it.It inspires me to keep in touch with my maker which is Jesus Christ.