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Kenny Price Just Plain Man Lyrics

Last updated: 03/23/2004 09:43:27 PM

He was born out in Alento on the west bank of the river
All he ever drank was a muddy water and all he ever ate was chicken liver
I say hey hey hey
He grew up by the grace of God he never learned to read or write
He never did nothin' to hurt nobody he slept well good at night
I say hey hey hey
He was just plain man I think we oughta give him a hand
We may not ever see another one again he was just plain man
[ guitar ]
He never wanted nothin' he didn't have he was easily satisfied
I don't think that he ever saw a dollar bill he was happy to the day he died
I say hey hey hey
Now do you think you've got the meanin' all I'm tryin' to give you
Well you may be a big shot now but you ain't gonna take it with you
I say hey hey hey
He was just plain man...
[ steel ]
He was just plain man...

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