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Trey Songz Just Not Fair Lyrics

Last updated: 12/10/2010 10:00:00 AM

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They say follow a good women she'll never lead you astray
so to this day don't understand how you keep up with me
'cause I'm a bad boy, Sean Diddy Combs
Every city different biddy that's the shit he on
And at the same time I'm very regretful,
'Cause it's the truth when I tell you that you're special,
Only when I wanna hold, when the night fall,
these other brods get night rod give me face time no iPhone no Skype call

I can't even breath,
'Cause You're my air, you're my air,
I can't sleep at night, I can't sleep,
You're not, you're not here, don't wanna let you go,
I wanna, this I swear, but I gotta
I still love you girl,
But it's just not fair of you, the things I put you through yeah,
It's just not fair, so it's just not fair.

But how can I let you girl,
When you're such a special girl,
And just like the Jerry Cur you're so glow,
Spirit of an angel, plus you'll be the really shit,
When the waters rocky you're the sail my ship and the anchor
hold a nigger down everywhere we go
Big booty cutie you're my type, no stereo
finder broke tenant no you were still in it though
angelic as a dove these other birds is chickens yoo
can we really call it mature if I'm mature enough
to tell you all I ever do is fail you
could never reassure you that you're different others
Even if my most special moments spent is with you or with my mother
Only you can hear my deepest secrets
Only you can comfort me
but soon enough you say this nigga
Only disappoint in me, guess I'm having fun
But what good would the enjoyment be
if I know that you're not there supporting me
So I'm gonna let you go, stupidly


Girl if I can hold hard at my hands, I do it so deeply,
But I don't wanna the blood at my hand
Even if I know it's 'cause of me
That you cry alone, sleep at night, sleep inside
It hurts that I can be the man, you need me too,
Still I know I need you,

I can't even breath, 'cause you're my air,
I can't sleep at night
'Cause you're not, you're not here,
Don't wanna let you go, this I swear, swear
'cause I still love you girl, still love you baby
But it's just not fair to you . you
I can't even breath, i can't even breath
cause you're my air
I can't sleep at night no I can't sleep at night
'cause you're not, you're not here, here
Don't wanna let you go, don't wanna
this I swear, swear
I still love you girl,I still love you
But it's just not fair with you
The things that I put you through, yeah,
It's just not fair you, you deserve better for you yeah
said it's just not fair

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