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Maria Mena Just Hold Me Lyrics

Last updated: 12/31/2011 10:00:00 AM

Comfortable as I am
I need your reassurance
And comfortable as you are
You count the days

But if I wanted silence
I would whisper
And if I wanted loneliness
I'd choose to go
And if i liked rejection
I'd audition
And if I didn't love you
You would know

And why can't you just hold me
And how come it is so hard
And do you like to see me broken
And why do I still care
still care

You say you see the light now
At the end of this narrow hall
I wish it didn't matter
I wish I didn't give you all

But if I wanted silence
I would whisper
And if I wanted loneliness
I'd choose to go
And if i liked rejection
I'd audition
And if I didn't love you
You would know

And why can't you just hold me
And how come it is so hard
And do you like to see me broken
And why do I still care

Poor little misunderstood baby
No one likes a sad face
But I can't remember life without him
I think I did have good days
I think I did have good days

And why(why) can't you just hold me
And how come it is so hard
And do you like to see me broken
And why do I still care

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I LOVE HIM..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/11

okk.. i am almost 14 and he is 15 and is confused bcs,, he like me much.. and i really like him <3 i can tell i love him.. ,, but.. he don't really think im mature enough to make something with me :/ <3
PLUTOO I LOVE YOU ;* <3 <3 <3 justt... trust me <3 :| ;/

Rejection | Reviewer: No Face | 7/3/11

I recently met some one online, I thought he was perfect, we had an instant a connection between us like a spark and I knew he felt the same say. But for some reason he never let me get close to him and every time I tried asking him about it he always avoided the situation. Why was he being so reserved? I knew he was hiding something from me. I then discovered that he was already seeing someone else and it was serious. Why did he do this to me? Does he not care about how I feel? Did he ever love me at all? Now all I hear is his girlfriend telling everyone how much she loves him and how happy they are together. Whenever I hear this song it reminds me of him. I fell for him and he played me like sick puppy.

Love me back | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/10

I loved a guy that I gave everything to and he still loved his ex-girlfriend. Nobody should feel sorry about their choices in life because those choices make you into the person that you are today. At least now I know what I don't want in a relationship. Everyone out there I believe there is love for everyone, not that I found it yet but when you least expected and not look for it, it will find you. If we don't have hope thn really what do we have..

You have no idea about pain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/10

Anybody who is in love and can show that love to the world should get on their knees and thank God he allowed you to.
The only love that is pain is when you CAN'T show the world how much you love that person because the 'world' doesn't accept it.
What kind of love is that!! Only the free spirits who read this will know.

pain | Reviewer: Laura | 4/3/10

my girlfriend recently broke up with me (yeah, i'm bisexual.^^) and back then i didn't think it could hurt me so bad, cuz we broke up about 10 times already and came back together one or two days later. so i thought, okay she needs a break, but she'll calm down and come back. guess what? she didin't. yesterday eve we were at a friend's birthdayparty and she started to make out with four other girls. hardest fact fo me is, that i never imagined that she could be such an asshole. i mean we were a couple for more than a year.. so now to the link i have with that song: i came back home from the party, feeling confused and hurt, ready to cry but not crying.. and i started to listen to music. and then this song started to play.. and it was just like my heart fell apart. it was so overwhelming. the lyrics express just what i tried to define in words all the time. i never thought something like that could happen, but i'm thankful that i know this song and that it took away part of my pain for me.
i hope this song helps you all just like it has helped me.

It hurts so bad!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/10

I can so relate to this song right in love with this really great guy, only problem....he doesn't love me the same. Its the hardest slap ull ever get in your face. But its better to realize this wile you still can and walk away!!i know time works wonders....but today i feel like my hearts being squashed real hard!!!!!

eclipse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/09

first off i love this song and yes its sad it shows us that loving that someone just sometimes isn't enough and that we have to be strong enough to know when to walk away.

kyle just because your young doesn't mean you don't know how to love don't ever let anyone tell you that sometimes when people get older they forget what love truly is about and there vision of love gets messed up. just treat her right.

My name is Kyle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/09

I am 14 years old..fifteen march 18th...and i hear that people my age dont know what love is...maybe they dont...but what makes i love you different weather your 14 or 34...i dont dating a girl now..she is i get alot of critisism at school..ive been dating her for about a month.. and she is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen...i dont know if this matches anything i just listened to in this song..but...i know.. ill do my best not to hurt her like this guy..and as for you
Jerk McAsshole tell her your sorry..thats what id do..its nice to know you still care..tell her people change.but then i am only 14 so...

my opinion | Reviewer: kyriakos | 11/5/09

so kyle in my opinion you cant say i love you to a girl that you date with her only 1 month!!!love doesn't come at so early might like her and think she is the one but its to early to say that you love her..thats the difference between younger people in a i very nice feeling which comes not in one month or two you need more time to truly love someone...

me | Reviewer: Yeah right... | 7/9/09

Mainly aimed at Kyle here so here goes...
i'm only 15 (almost 16 =)) and i totally agree with you.Younger people are often criticized/beaten down because apparently we cant know what love is. Well that's bullshit. we've all got heart and minds, so whycan't we? it just doesnt make sense... Ive got a girlfriend at the moment we've been goin out for about a month and a bit and i absaloutly love her to bits. no-one makes me happier, and i cant understand why that cant be love. apparently its just (insert parental voice here) "strong hormonal feelings", which is total shiite. ive never been so sure of anything in my life and i hope she feels the same way. i think she does.
but its so unfair how 'unseriously' young people are taken. It does happen. People can fall in love at 15.
Me, im waaaaay too far gone.
Good luck to everyone out there

ghess who dis is read it and you will see its maria mena!!! | Reviewer: maria | 7/6/09

i think that love is such a speacial thing thats why i admire this song to lket you know it was hard making a song like this and for all those who dont believe that i am maria mena think what you want but to let you know im her so i just want to say thankyou for your lovely comments i will try and make more things like this since so many people like it and say its beautiful.
thankyou to all my fans and those who thought this song helped there love life.
maria mena xxx

<3 | Reviewer: Ariana | 6/21/09

Well I haver a nice sad story... which hasnt come to its end ...
I met this guy almost two years ago, and we fell in love in a blink of an eye. I dont regret anything, we were together for 4 months and then he had to move to another country. I didnt want to be in a long distance relationship so we broke up. He came back 2 times to visit and I visited him once. We keep in touch thanks to msn, fb and skype... he calls me and we talk for hours... Now I'm doing everything I can to go to a university where he lives, hoping with all my heart that God lets it happen. Ah Im now 16 and he is 19 ... we met when I was 14 and he was 17, I really think that what we have is special, even though sometimes I feel bad and kinda numb...

love is beutiful but... | Reviewer: Lilla | 2/15/09

i think love is a beautiful thing and i know that it hurts a lot, i know, but if u are in love u D feel like in heaven, its a very mistique feeling, and sometimes i think about that i like a boy very much just as he is, and that would be perfect if he feels the same but its not like that.
The song is beAutiful and hurts me a lot like LOVE

he didn´t care | Reviewer: carlitale | 2/16/09

I loved my boyfriend so much... but we´re always fighting. I did everything for him, if he was ill I was always there, he was the most important person to me. However he didn´t care, actually he cheated on me for 6 months but I was so in love I was strong enough to forgive him.It´s been ages since we split up , 4 years. Currently I take care of the only good thing I keep from him,our 3-year-old daughter Carla. There´s nothing in the world that can compensate for all the hurt he caused me.

why? | Reviewer: aigli | 1/26/09

this song is for me...i love him soooo much!the only good thing is that we are together...but from distance...and there are some times that he treats me like...a stranger...he treats me like he doesnt love me...but please tell me...why is he with me in a distance relationship if he doesnt love me???and why he does things that knows they will hurt me???why???he wants to see me broken?he wants me to cry all the time?he enjoys me being maddly in love with him?why?why?

Truth be told... | Reviewer: Janak Patel | 1/17/09

Listen to me my little souls...

Love is part of this world... and anything that is part of this world has a duality... it will give you happiness and at the SAME proportion... give you saddnes...

This is not to disqualify your love as headed to dooms... or if it's in dooms; that it will rekindle... all that is just too simple i think and true to get it by now... this world is the combination of the opposite equal...

Yes but...


there is a way out... if you love... and love for GOd's sake; to do God's work with your found love... then the whole principle of Karma, time, and illusion no longer control you... and indeed you become the controller as you are one with God; with the creator... and hence you don't feel just petty happiness... you feel JOY... and you feel that the world can just go and dissolve away... you got what you wanted... God... and a partner to share the experiance of knowing God, newly everyday...

Please love GOd ... and remember a wise woman's words "the days ahead are not the same".

(that means if you are happy; then you'll be sad... and vice versa... ;-)

Brotherly Kiss to all the girls who were not loved truely... you can find more of my words... just type crudebliss in google...