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Okkervil River Just Give Me Time Lyrics

Last updated: 06/27/2012 12:00:00 PM

This red-haired girl of mine tore a pinecone from the pine
To cut into her palm, singing the song her sinking lover sung
I shut my eyes, ripped the train from off the line
But a sudden gust of snow blew through a hole in my girl's clothes
Well, my girl knows she's not all right
And I don't mind.
Just give me time, baby, give me time.

Her stinging eyes, and her sixteen-hour drive, and our shared, transparent rope
And our icy dive through hope I'll memorize, and I'll cut into my mind
I can't believe it can be so
I won't believe that my girl froze

Well, my girl knows I'm coiled tight and green inside
Just give me time, baby, give me time

And that weight you hold, it's getting light
And, love, I know you'll raise it easily up high
Just give it time, just give it time

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Oh baby, just give it time.